SQUEEZE by Geraint Clarke

Dec 19, 2007
Italy ,Milano

SQUEEZE is an underground utility move that can accomplish everything a double lift can, and much much more, whilst displaying a playing card in its singularity.

This is the evolution of Geraint's AMBITIOUS STEAL MOVE thought in his DEVIOUS book.

The first time I saw it I thought "Ok, here it is another knacky boring move that try to became the new double lift"

But as I watched the tutorial I change my mind: this is an amazing utility move that fool both layman and magician.
SQUEEZE also drive my mind to a new level: I came up with a lot of trick with it.

Imagine a classic sandwich trick you have to control the card to the top, load it behind the two face up mates you show them.
SQUEEZE allows you to load the card as you show the two mates: so you do not have to perform a trick full of sleight to simply achieve a sandwich effect.
This principle can be applied to a collectors effect.

So this is real a move you will use!!!

SQUEEZE is explained very well by Geraint.
In the tutorial video he covers everything perfectly.
There are no details left out.
Geraint also teach you 2 different ways to perform it.

Squeeze is pretty easy to perform and also very cheap (approx 4$).

So why are you still hesitating?
What are you waiting for?

Click here!!

Aug 20, 2008
Geraint removed it due to...bad reviews I guess.

Mattia was only one who posted good review...

Dec 28, 2008
Yeah, it looked a bit iffy, compared to the Venus Trap and that other one by Kostya Kimlat. Not worth the money really then.
Geraint removed it due to...bad reviews I guess.

Mattia was only one who posted good review...



Mattia was the only one who saw the explanation video.

He had it before i'd stuck it up on the site.....

I'd been speaking to lloyd barnes about the footage in the preview vid, being old footage it didn't show the move off in the right light.

So I decided to remove it. It was on sale for about 32mins (cause we had problems with e-junkie)
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