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  1. Hey i am giong to be doing a stage show next summer. I was wondering what would be some good stage tricks that dont involve cards. there will be about 500 people there. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. bullet catch
    pk touches
    pyscho force (just think...)
    bed of nails
    pulse stop (for andruzzie)
    criss angle levitation
    card manipulation (like back palms and stuff)

    just make your own routines...
  3. Do not perform anything new.

    You will not be comfortable and will focus on your moves and not on your audience, which should be your intention. Even on stage. If you are just performing tricks for them alone, it is just boring.. Involve them, make it a mix with close up magic, call people on stage.

    Perform magic that you know goodly, and modify it to the venue you perform in.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! They really help me! Anything else that i would be able to do that people wont have to squint to see? LOL
  5. okay well how long is the show?

    I mean a presentation goes a LONG way - look at derren browns show, each effect takes maybe 10 mins or more because he makes a big thing over it.

    it also depends on how well people can actually see the stage, in a theater itll be okay but if its just people standing around then some things shouldnt be dont.

    tell us more about it, how long it is, were it is, what type of magic you already do ;)
  6. well, the show is going to be about 2 hours long. I have been practicing some mentalism stuff like banachek's material and some of luke jermay's stuff. I also have been working with cards for about 3 years but am trying to stay away from them for this show. I wanted to do like newspaper tears, pk touches, things that involve the audience, and maybe floating paper rose to real rose. Close up magic perferably....what is that psycho force you were talking about?
  7. pyscholical force... (just with words) think about it, do the force on the entire audiance, if theirs 500 people then maybe 400/450 will think of the card (pm me if you want a good one)... and think how you could play that up!

    I would use that maybe in the middle of the show though - 2 hours is a long time, try and get a dvd of derren brown doing his "something wicked comes this way" he does a long stage show...

    maybe split it into 2/3 parts, and play all that up as well - first half is magic, second is mentalism.

    for mentalism maybe do - pk touches, pyscho force thingy, for andruzzie, thats really all you need, I dunno about the magic side though. ;)

    good luck
  8. that will work for me....any effects on the magic side that doesn't really involve cards and can be seen from about 100 ft away?
  9. snowstorm, manipulation acts, dancing cane, floating rose
  10. i was thinking about getting richard sander's fiber optics dvd. is there any reviews on here about it? i tried searching for it but didn't find anything.
  11. pavels super walking knot is a cool stage illusion. it is about $300 so.. i dont know. pk touches is a cool trick. spoon bending and lots of appearing disappearing stuff.
  12. Go buy the Tarbell Course in Magic.
  13. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 2 hours ive never heard a stand up show being that long
  14. 2 hours is quite common (in a theater)

    their would (of course) have to be an interval and proper seats...

    okay what about this

    act 1 - magic

    1. angle zero, but what happens is that the corner goes to any seat number the person wants (I dont know if this would or could work)

    2. maybe a manipulation act? (check out the 1 on 1s)

    3. misers dream (maybe an opener?)

    5. im not sure - but thats alot of differant routines already that you could use. less is more ;)

    act 2 - mentalism

    (in order of what you would do, when you would do it)
    1. pk touches

    2. pyscho force

    3. for andruzzie

    if you think of anything else then sure, but it HAS to be good material, if your gonna entertain 500 people for 2 hours you need be awsome at what your doing ;)

    but you also need themes, maybe gambling...

    for the first act you could explain that con artists use sleight of hand for their cons, especially their best ones (misers dream + manipulation), often they use everything can use and needto think of something on the spot (angle zero) but it almost always still works (show were the corner is)


    now obviously they use sleight of hand, but sometimes they use pyschology, and when they do, people dont realize whats happening when its happening (pk touches), sometimes they do it so people dont realize that their falling into a trap (pyscho force), ovviously, when you use all these skills together, incredible thinks happen (for andruzzie).

    now you would have to give examples of con artists, and all that... but that is the kind of structure you should have - a theme or two, and you twist the presentation so it all works together ;)
  15. Okay, dude how much expierience do you have in Stage?

    Omg, 2 hours!?
    Thats not a good time for you, if youve never done stage at all.

    Get a good friend that does magic and make a show with him if its a running two hours because you really have to make a killer presentation to baffle them at the end.

    Oh and use Bicycle Bigs!!!

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