Sterling World Teen Champion Magician

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  1. Has anyone here seen Sterling? I had the opportunity to see him at a local event here and really enjoyed his show. The kid has excellent stage presence.
    hek him out at
  2. Wow, this teen is amazing! His performance was just flawless. I wonder how old is he?
  3. He is amazing. He graduated from Lynden High School this year, just turned 18. I talked with him at his performance here and he really has his act together.
  4. Impressive....looks like he has a great future ahead of him.
  5. Thanks for the link.

    I'm not aware of him but thanks for sharing the links. His performance is really amazing. Excellent tricks and strategies. Looking forward to be one of his audience.
  6. Sterling

    I would say one of he's Magic influences is Jeff McBride from the Clip i just seen, Sterling performance is very good as is he's magic. I think he will go along way saying that i would like to see more of his work.
  7. To me he looks like an amzing magician who has a lot going for him. He has all his patter down, he has an assistant, he makes thousands, etc. Although, the hair style i am not loving. but other than that it's awsome. Oh... and the first video in the video section he seems sort of cheesy.
  8. I just found out he will be performing his 2 hour show Aug. 29th at the Lincoln Theater in Mt. Vernon Wash.

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