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  1. This is my attempt at a stevens cull. I've been working at this for a while and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with it. Please read the description, especially if you're unfamiliar with the technique.

    Feedback is much appreciated.


    [video=youtube;NBg0ex85RH4] [/video]
  2. Nice job. Only main problem I see is a speed-up at the beginning of the shuffle, and then you start to slow down suddenly half-way through. Try working on a more consistent speed.

    Hope that helps.
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    That's very good, I began to work on riffle cull 2 years ago and I know how it's difficult to do.
    Consistent speed is properly all the difficult of some riffle cull.

    For information: basic riffle cull is already one of the most difficult technique possible with a deck of cards. Stevens cull, which is twice more difficult than the basic form, is even perhaps THE most difficult one. (But if my memory is good, it isn't described in revelation, there's only the basic cull, right ?)

    Regarding the video, I'd only have one advice: At the beginning of the video: shuffle the cards in scattering them on the table, thus, nobody will be able to say the deck was stacked before the video.
  4. nope the stevens cull is in revelation.
  5. Although it looks like you have a few years yet before you perfect that one it is still pretty impressive to watch. I admire your willingness to take on such a challenge. I'm still barely getting to the point where I am happy with my riffle stacking. What you are doing makes me feel like a wuss!
  6. I guess culling is like stacking, in a way. Culling's all block transfers, people just do it slightly differently. Same for stacking - usually, a different method refers to different algorithms for stacking. In the end, stacking's just placing cards a certain number from the top (or bottom) with a shuffle.

    As far as washing the cards in the video: There are ways to have a completely false wash. Not that they're very convincing if you're paying close attention, but still. His shuffle style is also clean enough for you to tell that there were no actual false riffles (although there was one cutting sequence). That, and the main problem of the cull (slowing down near the top) is enough proof for anybody who actually knows what the move is to deduce he's doing a legitimate cull.

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