Sticky hands

Apr 29, 2012
Hey guys, I know this thread has been done before, but I didnt get the answer I needed there. So I have really sticky hands, not sweaty, but sticky. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the cards I handle all day, but is there any tips for making my hands less sticky?
Kerosene or any other hydrocarbon should take that stickiness away, sulfuric acid does a pretty nice job...little itchy, but hey...I,, do not use any of the aforementioned!

Not Good.

I recommend what RediSpades mentioned, 'Baby oil' or perhaps a good lotion that's not greasy.

- Steve


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Sep 14, 2008
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Purel or other hand sanitizer that has alcohol in it will dry your hands out and make them feel great and have less oils on them. Also try switching your deck every 20 minutes to half hour if they are really clumping and your hands are sticking to them.

I myself as well as my mentor will even take a 5 minute break during a strolling set and go wash and dry our hands in the restroom while performing.
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