Street Magic 2010

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Every year I film a street magic video and I just got finished with this year's Street Magic video. Check it out. Tell me what you think.

    Street Magic 2010:

    And here's my past street magic videos:

    Street Magic 2009: (This one had some tech difficulties and because of it the video and sound quality suffered.

    Street Magic 2008:

    Street Magic 2007:
  2. That was awesome man! I liked the first guy's reaction, "SHEEEET"
  3. hey man your not a bad performer, but stop killing the climax of the tricks.

    the biddle trick has such a great impact and you just told the guy exactly what was gunna happen, you left no wonder for the spectator. same thing with pressure.
  4. Cross89 I understand The biddle trick, thanks for the tip, but how did I kill the climax with pressure??
  5. well you said im going to put the phone in the balloon. BAD! lol you need to build it up. talk about how there both solids and a solid cant pass through another solid, for instance my patter goes along these line...

    me.. rubber may be a solid, but it can be melted down into a liquid so if we just apply a little heat( i rub the balloon on my leg) we can get it to warm up and it seems like ( as im deflating the balloon.) i can push the phone right through the balloon. the only way to get it out pause ( do the move) is to rip it out yourself... hand phone in balloon back to spec. and viola!

    try that out, or watch how jusin kredible or dynamo patters while performing that trick and make up your own.
  6. Watch the video again man, I NEVER said "I'm going to put the phone in the balloon". I wouldn't say that cuz that ruins what's going to happen. lol.

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