Strongest Card Trick?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jason Ladanye, May 4, 2014.

  1. What's the absolute STRONGEST card trick you do? I mean the one that gets people to jump in shock. Remember, card tricks only. My favorite is called Through and Through. Watch the girl on my right freak out!
  2. Thats really awesome. Where did you learn that/did you invent that? Also, in response to you question, the three strongest card tricks I perform are haunted deck (with l**ps), a standup triumph that I forget the name of, and card to ear (card to ear is litterally identical to card to mouth (like the dan white one taught on t11 but I place it behind my ear instead of sticking out of my mouth. this allows for me to have better control of the moment of magic).
  3. in my parlour show there are two one is my presentation of the invisible deck, simply because at no point does the spectator ever say what the card is they are thinking of and also a cards across routine I do. In my walk around, although I don't do to many card effects a simple two card transposition which takes place in the spectators hand, always gets good reactions.
  4. Agreed, anything in their hands should get them animated.
  5. that's why I do it in my walk around gigs as an opener, it doesn't matter whether they are into what you are doing or not when you first walk up to them, but after that, something simple, quick and visual in the hands, it gets their attention to see more every time.
  6. I love Through and Through!
    I don`t know what the strongest trick is but with Tamariz "Total Coincidence" I usually get great reactions.
    Sometimes I do Woody Aragon`s one deck version "Coincidences with Incidences".
    Also simple effects (simple to follow, not necessarily simple to do) such as two card transpositions are strong, and my favorite is Mark Ennis "The Uninvited Guest" (Jason should know this better than almost anyone here ^^).
  7. It's an interesting topic. I might read an effect and think that it's decent… and then years later realize that it's a powerhouse!
  8. This is a massive problem I have and I think a lot of magicians have the same issue. I find I tend to judge a trick from a magician's point of view and because of this can skirt over potentially knockout effects for lay people. The amount of times I have done what I would consider a throw away effect for my friends in a social situation and that have been stunned by it, stuns me sometimes!
  9. Absolutely. Sometimes an effect that I considered strong wasn`t as interesting for my audience as I thought. And vice versa. My main premise is "easy to follow" effects, not complicated, complex ones. I often see magicians who are in love with their card handling. I prefer minimal handling of the cards, with spectator interaction as much as possible.
    Tamariz does an effect where he reveals a thought of card on top of the deck. It`s really magical because it seems that he hardly ever handled the deck before the reveal. The method is bold and obvious for magicians, but it is damn strong for laymen. He`s extremely good in creating the illusion that he never did or touched anything although he has.
    Jason`s "The Ladanye Effect" also is one of the strongest effects you can possibly do for laymen. A thought-of card revealed in the hands of the spectators after they named it. Easy to follow and impossible. Can`t be more magical than that I think.
  10. Jason that was a fantastic presentation. Well done. Nicely introduced, executed, and presented. I especially noticed your timing/pacing when speaking. We can all learn much about performance from watching quality presentations like that.
  11. Indeed. I'm a fan and he`s one of the best, most promising (young) magicians of the new generation IMO. Incredible how good he has become in a relatively short time. His first book is so good that it could easily be a book of a veteran in the card magic area.
  12. The strongest card tricks I know are the haunted deck, and the invisible deck. The best reaction I ever got from the invisible deck, people literally ran out of the room screaming.
  13. I can imagine a haunted deck clearing a room! Thanks for the compliments guys.
  14. That was a clever line at the very end of the video, I will definitely use that.
  15. Wow, that performance was fantastic! The card tricks that I get the best reactions from are 2 card monte and a card trick from the pdf Free Will - it's almost selfworking but still gets the greatest reactions.
  16. Monty is another good one. I think anything in their hands will always get a shocking response. I'll check out that link, thanks.
  17. It is! I tried the classic "Twisting the Aces" with and without the final revelation in their hands. The last got a much better reaction.
    The same goes for Triumph. Until I got the hint from Woody Aragon to do it excactly as described in "Stars of Magic" with the final spread done by the spectator, I did it like most magicians.
    I think lots of effects can be made stronger by this detail.

    BTW the "Ultimate Exchange" is another great example of powerful "in the hands"-magic.
  18. In my opinion effects that seem figuratively "impossible" where the spectator holds and is in charge of the deck give me the best reactions. Anyone who is a fan of the invisible deck should look into irreversible by Daniel Madison. I've had experiences where at the final revelation, the spectator just drops the deck in awe, or is completely and utterly fooled.
  19. One of my favorite card tricks to do either has to be James Galeas card to pocket routine or this cool trick very similar to the kissing trick but done ripped up and in the hands. These are both very simple but very fun tricks to do.
  20. Believe it or not but the effect I perform that really freaks people out is the Biddle Trick. As magicians we sometimes forget that less is more. And I always follow that up with Regeneration by Blake Vogt which just puts the whole experience of your spec over the top.

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