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  1. Anyone have any weird/funny/odd superstitions as it relates to magic? Please share(if you'd like).

    Here's mine:

    Before I unwrap a deck to use it, I carry it in my pocket for a day. I feel that I hold it and gain an appreciation for what it is. Not just a deck of cards, but my deck of cards.

    Any more?
  2. lol, this is a good idea for a thread, I never would have thought of that.

    I have one, its a little random, but I do it 99% of the time.

    I always dribble the cards from the top left & bottom right corners, then the oposite corners, and then I repeat that 3 more times. Even if it isn't the best way to break in cards, I have been doing that for like a year and a half now. :p I'm sure some could argue that this isn't superstition, but I feel like the deck isn't any good if I don't do that at first, which officially establishes superstition/lunacy ;)
  3. Crazy thread. I don't have any superstitions but I have some wierd traditions I do. I always smell a brand new deck of cards before I perform. It's wierd but I have always done it. I also perform Mcdonalds Aces in my warm up before I go to work to perform. I couldn't tell you why I just do it sub-consiencly I guess.

  4. when i open a deck i always look to admire how flat and straight they are, with no natural breaks or anything they just lay perfectly flat....then I fan them and admire how great that first Out of the deck fan always is...i dribble, swing cut and overhand shuffle then spread them and mix em around on the bed casino style....look through for a good and thorough mix and take another look and have a small moment of silence for the loss of perfection. Then I look and think of what experiences the deck might bring. And yes, sometimes I smell them.

    also I dont leave my tax stamps on...beyond that i will actually rub off any remaining stickiness with my finger...Cleaner the better. i kno i kno most people leave them on but i guess its just a i use tax stamps as a way to tell an immediate difference between gimmicked and un-gimmicked or stacked decks.
  5. I am 100% the same.

    Except, now I leave the tax stamp on because my decks ended up sticking together. :p
  6. Haha. Me too.
  7. LOL, I never thought to smell the deck. But I always remove the sticker, and I try to get some pain thinner (don't have any atm) and get rid of anything extra. I also rip off the little side parts under the main flap.

    I never realized that I spend like 5 minutes doing random things with each new deck I open :p Funny stuff.
  8. YES!

    I'm not the only one that smells cards.....:rolleyes: Except, I do it all the time, until it becomes nasty.

    When I open a deck of cards, I take none of the sticker away. I rip it in a way so that half of it sticks to the flap and then other half sticks on the top. This is done with my hands and not knives, etc.

    What else? Nothing really..
  9. ok so is this thread for superstitions in magic or decks of cards? hahaha

    I don't smell cards.. weird haha.. I do admire how these 52 pieces of paper bring enjoyment to myself as well as the people I perform for. I too tear the 2 little tabs off, remove the seal, and spring the cards.

    What I normally do to break in a new deck is about 5 minutes of false cuts, false shuffles, and spread the deck to see if I messed up. 99% of the time, I didn't.
  10. Justin I usually sniff them until I start drooling on them thats the point I stop sniffing.

    Glad to see I'm not the on OCD person

  11. Hahaha, I always do that, I like the way new cards smell.
  12. Damn. Do all of us here (including me) try to get high on cards!?
  13. OH the webs we tangle. haha

  14. Hell yeah, same here. They smell so good... if only that smell wouldn't wear off. Come to think of it, I also like the smell of new MTG cards though I don't play anymore. And the smell of new, crisp money.. yeeah.. and I like to hold them flat and straight, and it pains me to have to put it in my wallet to be folded in half, even more so when I spend it or use it for tricks.

    And after opening the decks, I usually listen to the rustle of the plastic sleeve that the deck is wrapped in. Sounds.... rustly. :D I also hold the deck flat in my hand and move my hand in circles, then look at how the new cards slide against each other so smoothly. :D
  15. I always wash my hands before opening a new deck, and make sure that the seal is completely gone with no residue. Not really a superstition, but it all feels right that way.
  16. I LOVE the smell of the 1800s card! The smell so good! :D
  17. Reading through this thread, I felt wierd - being the only one that doesn't smell cards. Then I realised - you're the wierd ones - I don't sniff pieces of plastic for pleasure. =P

    I should start smelling them though, if they smell that good.

    Brb, getting my brand new Bicycle deck...

    Back. Wow. They smell amazing. :O!

    ~The Emogician~

    P.S. My Mum just gave me the wierdest look ever.
  18. Yeah sometimes I get a little snot on them. haha:D
  19. Hey all,

    Sorry if this link has been posted before. I did a search on 'superstitions' and this thread came up, so sorry to dig up an old thread, but rather than making a new one:

    Perhaps this can inspire some interesting patter for some of your effects:
  20. I always leave one joker on bottom and one on top, because for some reason I feel it prevents the cards from warping...
    Seriously though, without a card clip sometimes the bottom and top card become flatter than the rest of the deck. Anyone else notice this?

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