Oct 2, 2008
You must aim to be a Symbol. Aim to be Mystery and Magic itself. And to attain this height means the highest of Standards and highest of Mindsets, nurtured through the workings of your daily life, presented wholesomely on boundless platforms when time calls.

The reaction immediately given after the Magician has created/performed something for his beloved Audience is not where the Essence of Magic truly lies; but it is when the Magician has left, when the gift He present has settled and when they are in their own worlds once more, does Magic begin to brew. And only until the Magic has brewed, will there be any hope for a Magical experience and journey.

Until the Magic has surely brewed, there is no Magic. And there is no Magician.

You are but still shadowing the Greater, within the Lesser.

The achievement of finesse in performance relies entirely on a captivating Performer.

You should know that the Greater part of Magic lies at the end. The Lesser parts are easily accepted by the Audiences; uneducated and unseasoned “Magicians” spread the Lesser, the Greater is always kept to one side.

The Greater is hard to attain, once known, the Lesser which they’ve been partners with become obsolete, their World brand new once more.

To show the Greater, we must get past the misunderstandings, the misconceptions and false ideas of what the Perceiver has been given since a Time we could not control. Only then can the true education start. We are Key Masters, the Commander of Doors. The road you take to pass the Doors of Falsehood can be long, or could be short.

It is up to you.

"Magic has both feet planted in cheap vaudeville and childish posturing; in dishonesty and therefore not in art. The magician cheats and this truth runs cold through the craft's bloodless veins." - Derren Brown (Confessions of a Conjuror)

I dare say, most of us here have yet to nurture the true mindset, and true standards of a Magician. We must work to it.
Jul 13, 2009
Hmm perhaps the previous unoriginal post where expecting another EXCEPTIONAL Magician asking for advice. But alas, the forum isn't graced with such a luxury. Instead, we are introduced to this. This great post with much fiber for the mind. So much so, that those who dare analyze, suffer diarrhea of the brain. A mass ejection of rebel thinking. Consequently, the brain will dry from dehydration and shrivel up like a slug in salt. Writhing and wiggling, dripping creative mucus to remove the salt of conformity from thine own skin and move forward in the sludge full of slugs. Writhing and wriggling until it crests the muck and escapes the sad and dreary pool of sludge created by other's mucus. His breathren continue to writhe and slowly die in each other's mucus laced with salt. The slug stops free from all, looks back once, then twice before continuing on his way leaving his breathren behind and a trail of it's own mucus, for others to follow. What an ass.


Nov 3, 2010
First and foremost, the pentacle and pentagram. The one is the circle and the one is the star, but most people think it's two different things and that it is evil. It represents the universe......
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