T11 Deck Fact Sheet – Monarch Eleven Madison Park Edition

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    Monarch Eleven Madison Park Edition playing cards were a single-printing limited-edition product not ever sold on theory11.com. These were printed specifically for Eleven Madison Park, a high end restaurant in New York City that was ranked #1 in the world in 2017, and is consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world. This deck is a custom variation based on Silver Monarch playing cards.

    The EMP Monarchs were printed using the standard theory11 stock and finishes (the same as used on all our custom cards). These were all printed in one single run, and have no known variations. These decks feature a few notable characteristics that make them easily identifiable:

    - White Paper tuck case with silver foil designs.
    - 4 leafs on the upper right and lower left branches on the tuck case back (this was from before the change to 5 leafs)
    - t11 Circle logo and barcode on the bottom flap of the tuck case
    - Red and gold foil seal with tax-stamp edges (jagged edges)
    - Black Ink design on white background on the playing card backs
    - Does not have the newer thin borders
    - Custom Ace of Spades and 2 custom (identical) Jokers
    - Other faces standard, with the typical muted theory11 color scheme
    - Partial custom artwork on the tuck case (EMP leaf logos, "Special Edition", "Made Exclusively for Eleven Madison Park".
    - Full custom faces, featuring ingredients

    The EMP Monarchs were commissioned as a part of a unique NYC-themed menu at EMP. The restaurant was tying their menu to various element of NYC culture and history. They wanted to feature the commonly-seen street con 3 Card Monte. Their servers were taught a trick that resulted in the diners selecting ingredients that were used in the next course. Diners were able to take home a deck after the meal. These were not otherwise sold, and as such are extremely rare.

    Attached photos by Eleven Madison Park, Reddit user u/BastiS82

    53869204_10155989686677256_3849176869228249088_o.jpg 10vvhrki6rf21.jpg
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  2. Two recently popped up on EBay (I missed both)

    My feeling was they popped up because of the show 7 Days Out on Netflix - one of the episodes was all about Eleven Madison’s refit and relaunch
  3. Possible. All it takes sometimes is a collector to be reminded that they have a specific rare deck for them to list it for auction. There has been a LOT of chatter the last few months about the EMP Monarchs, so that could be a result of the show as well.

    // L
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  4. I want one of these so bad! I was sooo close a few weeks ago but $500 was a bit steep for my blood at the time :(
  5. Thanks for this Lyle! That picture is gorgeous too!
  6. I wish it was mine, but alas I don't have one of these decks. I added the best photos I could find off the internet for reference.

    // L
  7. I have two of them, one open and one sealed! Maybe I should post pictures!

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