T11 Sentinels: The Meaning of the Art

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  1. Every single design element has a meaning behind it. The deck represents magic, the industry of deception, and the allied arts.

    I think it would be cool to know a bit of the meanings behind the Sentinels' artwork. If any members could help and contribute, that would be awesome!
  2. I am creating a large comprehensive review of the sentinels' meaning.

    To get started, do some research on Hermes and Thoth. I have many many revelations based on these two figures.

    Have fun.
  3. I think it's an attractive, regular deck of cards and shouldn't be taken a whole lot more seriously than that.
  4. Gee, you're right with 15 pages of research on the symbolism that went into it, it's nothing more than fancy artwork.
  5. I think the eyes in the piramid is an Illuminati symbol...I do recognize some of them...
  6. I have heard that they are rumored to be Masonic in nature (the all seeing eye), but apparently it was only a rumor as the only mason to have input on the bill (B. Franklin) didn't add to that particular image.
    Some people have real conspiracy theories on this, and rumors fly like crazy about it. It's pretty silly, but hey, maybe it's true! (dum dum dummmmm)
  7. There is a lot of history lessons in this deck of card. Firstly, the face cards seem to have their own element. Hearts is water, clubs is fire, spades and diamonds are earth and wind. This is based of playing cards before the modern day french design, when the suits were just this. There are also alchemy symbols for the element on the jokers, ace, and face cards. You can also see traits of the spanish suits in the face cards as well. Cups, coins, swords, and clubs.

    Also in the 1800's, playing cards were packaged in an embossed sleeve, and tissue paper wrapped the cards to further protect them. Obviously, the embossed tuck case is referenced to that idea.

    Not sure if this applies or not, but the original indicators in the left top and right bottom were called squeezers due to the fact you could squeeze the cards together and still see what cards you were holding. The smaller type and pips, might be a reference to this.

    Also the sword seems to be a big theme for this deck but I am not sure what precisely it is referring to.
  8. Me being Heavy into the Occult and Magik i know a lot of the Symbology
  9. Care to expand?

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