Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

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  1. OK I know you all will get on me about the search function, but I already looked and couldn't find a thread about this.
    ok so anyways, The Tarantula. Is it worth the cash? What do you guys think?
  2. Search harder. Both threads found in the Complete List of Reviews thread, which is stickied in the Product Reviews forum.

    Hopefully those two threads help, because I don't have the Tarantula and can't really offer any opinions.

    What I can tell you, however, is that you'll get varied opinions on the device, just as you would get varied opinions on many magic gimmicks. :)
  3. For me It's my best purchase so far... but that is just me because I LOVE levitation effects! There are a couple problems I had with it but I worked them out and they are so easily prevented. So it IS worth the cash in my opinion! If you have any questions about the gimmick itself ask away or PM me if its too revealing and I'll be happy to help. :D
  4. Not worth the money to me. It worked the first day but then on the second day it stopped working. Sometimes it will work for me and sometimes it won't and I don't just want to end up saying Ill float their ring and then nothing happens. Plus, it only comes with one small pellet of wax.
  5. is it some kind of special wax or can u use any kind (i.e. magician's wax)?
  6. any kind of wax
    i just got mine.
    and yes there are some problems. but its mostly with my bad eyesight and the thread.
    its quite nice and you can use it for many applications.
    not just the ones mentioned on the dvd.
    it does take practice. and probably isnt worth the money. but for me i think its a keeper and i'll be using it hopefully in all my gigs.

    if it doest work all the time. check the connections from the battery. you may need a new one.
    my battery wasnt working well. so i got a new one. and now it works great
  7. @penguindude Why didn't you like yours? What was wrong with it? Send me a PM if you have a problem with it as I have had a few and solved them easily.

    @chriswiehl why do you say it isn't worth it? I guess its personal opinion. :D
  8. Probably not worth the money for a hand-made gimmick?

    I use the Tarantula in every performance, and it kills!!! Trust me...it is worth $80 to me.

    As for the wax: yes any wax will do. Mesika does sell wax refill packs that are pre-measured and is fairly inexpensive.

    Hope this helps...

  9. i say it isnt worth it because the tarantula has some nice effects like the magnetic money and such. but for the hovering, you can use another set up. the tarantula in that effect is only used as a clean up. which is nice and all but if you want to do hovering you can pick up steve fearson set up.

    but i got myne for christmas from my gpa so i feel that for what i paied for it, it is worth it. but it depends on what you want to use it for and what not
  10. As you predicted, varied opinions seems right. I will go ahead and give mine...It's fantastic! It has many applications that were not even touched upon in the DVD it comes with. For instance, I have used it to great success in Sean Field's effect That Which You Fear, right out of Explicit Content.
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    I also want to ask some questions on here if I may? I have talked to people at a magic shop and they said that clean up might be a deal in some places. I don't want to have anything revieled but how would the owners rate the task at the end of a performance?
  12. The only clean up is to remove the wax off whatever you were levitating/moving.
  13. Thats great then
  14. Tarantula by Yigal Mesika (thread)

    if thread breaks can be replaced ???! :confused:

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