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  1. Hi,
    I can do several great tricks but feel I might be missing some of the basics eg.
    one handed shuffles etc.
    Does anyone know of any (fairly cheap ) PDF's that may teach me some of those things.
    I saw Expert Card Technique for cheap on a site is that worth purchasing?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. One-handed shuffles are by no means the basics of magic. It seems to me you just went on Youtube and learned a couple tricks. Get The Royal Road to Card Magic
  3. You can get erdnase's Expert at the Card Table free at Click on search. But that may not be quite as basic.
  4. Card College is available as e-book.

    I will promise you, if you get Card College, you won't be disappointed. Even though getting the whole series is costly, buy volume 1. Then volume 2. And so on.
  5. I have to agree with 2ndDeal. Im currently reading the third CC book and i must say its a very, very, VERY good series.
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    Ban this guy.. No respect what so ever.

  7. Don't be ridiculous; like none of us have ever watch a free tutorial, or downloaded a free PDF on magic, Exposer is part of magic.

    I agree that you should not go around just giving the locations of free magic secrets out to anyone that asks. I had to hunt down my own tricks and I bought most of the good ones I use, but I will be the first to admit that I have several (not hundreds mind you) free PDF files that I got through hours of searching and finding the right places.

    Oh and for those of you that think it is the internet that killed magic. You are wrong, I found Miracle Mongers by Harry Houdini in a public library in GA I had them make me a photo copy of the book and now I have it on PDF too.

    Look man if you want to learn more basic moves you need to spend more time studying magic itself to learn exactly what things are basic and what things are not. Expert At The Card Table: although some things are hard to learn, (if you are serious about doing card magic) is a great place to start. If you want something a lot simpler than try gong to the local magic shop and picking up a cheap DVD or book for beginners.

  8. Thanks everyone,
    and I wasn't talking about Youtube tricks :) .

  9. have a look at Decknique for some flourish turorials. Why does you card work need one hand shuffles?

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