THE first video that inspired you

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  1. the first video I saw was "jacks and jokers" on bicycle

    what was yours?
  2. There's a video of Dan and Dave flourishing on an old Lee Asher video, that was my first inspiration and I've followed the cardistry movement ever since.
    I remember in 2001 when Dan and Dave made their first appearance in the UK and everyone at the convention was talking about the twins who can do a cut that lasts 20 seconds.
  3. I would say that the first one to get me into cards would be the tallyho video on bicycle but the one that really inspired me(creating my own effects)would be Zach Meullers Uncraven.
  4. Uncraven by Zac Mueller :D or Silent transition by Dimitri Arleri
  5. Stigmata and Invisible Palm by Wayne Houchin.
  6. A David Blaine special got me into magic, an Ellusionist commercial during the special brought me to their site. Early Brad Christian DVDs taught me the basics and introduced me to flourishing, then the De'vo Cradle to Grave demo brought me to Handlordz...

    Etc. :)

  7. I got introduced into magic from MagicOfRahat. I was watching a magical money changing prank and I wanted to know how to it. I found this website and saw they offered prophet (which is the trick). I purchased it and everybody loved it!
  8. There are many. Hmm Idk the first one but all I can say are these : Crazy Cardistry by Andrei Jikh, Brussels 2011, Blackpool 2010, Jeremy T My Museum, Virtuoso of Smoke and Mirrors, Dan and Dave Hidden Footage
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    The first video that inspired me to do cardistry was on Calen Morelli's channel. It was a video where Calen and his friend were riding in the car, but his friend in the passenger seat was doing some pretty amazing stuff. Or at least I thought at the time. The video that got me into magic was a David Blaine special were he hung upside down for like three days or somthing like that.
  10. Virtuoso Test room is the video that inspire me.

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