The Flourish Shuffle by a Chinese

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Chinese, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. really liked that everything seemed to performed really well.

    what cards are those?
  2. 十分屌呀, looking forward to seeing more flourishes from you
  3. Is this Chinese Shuffle Flourisher you?

  4. its a good video but you need a better background and lighting because it kept losing focus.
  5. it looked like cradle de grave
  6. Not to be racist...
    ...but asians are better than us at everything :p

    Great job, Chinese. As trashmanf suggested, better lighting would have enhanced your video.
  7. Nope, they just rip off stuff from the US....
  8. now that's some racist sh!t right there. ALL asians don't "rip off stuff" they actually invent some stuff too, and you buy it and benefit from it so ... be thankful :) sure some do, but so do some americans. and everybody else around the world. it's the governments fault for not respecting intellectual property laws at all. Which if you think about it, neither does youtube and that's why we can watch hella tight movies without having to pay for them :D

    I'd say azns are really good at manipulations and I have no doubt that many of our future pro XCM'ers (like fatz) will be azn. Like who is this dude, I've never seen him before but he kicked ass and made a nine minute long video, that's crazy.
  9. The cards is made in China,in Chinese we call them “正点 驾御财富版”
  10. You know, paper was invented in China. So you wouldn't have your cards without us. lol :)

    Anyway, Chinese, it's good to see another Chinese kid around here!

    I really liked your video.

    If you need help with anything just PM me.
  11. congratulations
    i like it,and I believe you can do it much better

  12. Gah, I can't input chinese using a macbook, apparently.

    I hope hanyu pinyin makes sense. haha.

    Well, good to see fellow Chinese doing flourishing, rang zhong hua wen hua fa yang guang da ba!

    Huang Ling Xuan, qi. =D
  13. Ley gong mut yeah?
  14. I don't want to ruin your fun, but please type in English only. It's difficult to moderate a language I don't know. :(

  15. While it's not exactly true that "asains are better at everything" and it's even less true that they rip stuff off from anyone (the Chinese were shooting rockets at their enemies back when the rest of the world were lobbing rocks, lol). But it is true that those of asain descent can have a small built-in advantage, I know this because I have it. My Japanese blood has given me longer-than-average fingers, which makes the learning and performing of some moves easier. :)

  16. I never knew you were azn bro! hmmm... does your japanese sense of honor hold you to that performance video you promised for us after we all voted for ya bladez? :D

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