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  1. Not gonna go to indepth on the download but here it is.

    Runtime: 55 minutes

    Well it was definatley a funny download, Chris showed his great sense of humor once again. The hole warp was definatley more fav part of the download. The gimmick is realitivley easy to make but can be abit time consuming if your circles look like stop signs. The production quality is great, typical T11 quality. Chris goes into great detail about the trick and repeats the steps over and over again to make sure that you are following along. He also covers the history of both tricks very well and gives credit where it is due. I think that it may be abit overpriced but that is my oppinion. Everything in the trick is practical and motivated. If I had to rate it I would give it a 4/5 simply because I dont agree with the price. But in the end I do suggest you buy it because it is a real treat and somthing that you dont see every day.

    All the best
  2. I mostly agree, but I think the price is relatively good. 10 bucks for 2 outstanding effects that look like camera tricks but aren't - I was more than happy to dish out.

    If you have some problems with making holes, use sandpaper after you cut. I did that for my first hole and it looks very good. Just gotta be careful that you don't sandpaper off too much, and evenly =D.

    Mr. Mayhew, you are the funniest magician alive - the next Michael Finney!
  3. The price is very good 10 dollars for not just two effects but a whole new concept that is only limited by you.

    Vanishing Inc. Put out lesser ideas from Mayhew for 10 dollars each so this is easily worth the 10 dollars

    everyone should however head over the vanishing inc. whilst they have free shipping and half price international shipping and pick up A Clock Work Apple for $20 as it is well worth that price.
  4. He is hilarious! I love the part where he says make a gun with your hands as if you were a retarded person robbing a bank. lmao
  5. I guess I was just a little disappointed as I thought it would be some revolutionary gimmick lol! Anyway yea its funny and his easter egg is the **** :D
    And yea my holes do look like stop signs
  6. is this trick anything like monkey in the middle?
  7. No it is not, other than the fact that it is a sandwich effect. Also thanks for the great comments guys, I'm glad your liking it :)

  8. Wow! Some of you guys are a tough crowd! :)

    I think $10 for this incredible idea and two awesome routines is more than fair.

    Definitely check out Clockwork Apple. Terrific booklet!
  9. Not the best review ever..You didnt even describe the trick. I have no idea what this effect is about after reading your "review". Only thing i know is that there is a gimmick involved.
  10. The effect is you show two Jokers with holes in them. Then you have a card selected and the Jokers sandwich the card in a very fair way. The warp is kinda hard to explain so you should check out the preview.
  11. I think the price is more than fair for the two effects. Also is there more to the booklet than just explaining the Hole Thing?

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