The market place ( the wire ) problems?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PabloFreyG, May 5, 2016.

  1. Hey there everyone . Just a few questions.......

    Is there a new waiting period on the market?
    Or is there any problem/Bug on the wire?

    Just asking because i summited a trick a few weeks ago and no response (btw: no hate i'm just curious).
    Love and peace to everyone
  2. The wait period is around 72 hours.

    There have been a lot of new entries lately so there might be some backlog.

    However, to get he best answer, I'd contact the support team.
  3. The wait is the most painful part! the quickest turn around I have had has been for magic that was rejected. They say 72 hours but this is rarely accurate in my experience. It takes a long time, they are really trying to go for quality products and that takes time.

    The explanation usually is that they are doing extra research and need to consult with someone with a less flexible schedule. This could be a coin guy like Chris Kenner, a mentalist like Spidey or a card guy like Jason England. If this is the case then it is probably good news for you.

    The alternative explanation is just that the Marketplace is back logged like Brett said. They get a ton of submissions. I have waited weeks for many of my submissions to be processed. In one case I received a note relayed to me from Dan White! I doubt this is common but it sure did the make the wait worth it.

    I completely understand why it would take a wile, I do wish they would post a more realistic estimate in the submission details though.
  4. If your wait is beyond 3 business days, let our support team know at so they can take a look into things for you. The Marketplace can get backlogged really easily, and the support team can let you know if that is the case or if there was a problem with the submission.

    // L
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