1. M

    52 shades of red velvet

    Hi, I have bought 52 SoR a few days ago and shin is talking about a vevet (in the black art section of the video) tht I cant find anymore because the website he is talking about is not there anymore. Does anyone know which fabric i can use that is similar to shins?
  2. TienLevy

    Elite stainless steel card

    Dear T11 Team, "Once your lifetime point balance exceeds 10,000, you will be an official Elite Member, and you'll receive a stainless steel card in the mail!" In 2020 January finally the time has come, I reached the 10k and became an elite member :) But here we are now, more than half year...
  3. M

    Invisible Deck questions/issues

    I recently got my first ID and just had a few questions about it. It seems that even if I use lots of pressure while spreading, many cards flash. It only flashes a little bit, so only the white edge of the card shows, but it I feel like it shouldn't flash at all. Is it normal for the cards to...
  4. PabloFreyG

    The market place ( the wire ) problems?

    Hey there everyone . Just a few questions....... Is there a new waiting period on the market? Or is there any problem/Bug on the wire? Just asking because i summited a trick a few weeks ago and no response (btw: no hate i'm just curious). Love and peace to everyone
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