The One that Got Away

Apr 28, 2017
I've recently been looking into all kinds of videos, forum threads, magazines and guide books. Anything that could explain an amazing card trick I saw in a you tube video about 2 years ago. It crossed my mind after watching some great card tricks recently but I can not seem to find the video. Assuming it was not edited... I have no answer for how this trick was done.

With only a top down view of the performers hands and cards, I watched as a man with a shuffled deck of cards, randomly distributed his cards into 4 piles, all piles were face down and he then flipped the top cards to be the 4 Aces... Nothing impressive, but he then ran through all 4 piles to show that they all contained the same suit and in order from 2 - king with the Ace left on top. This was in a 5 minute video.

Does this trick exist?
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