1. K

    The New Triumph. - Killer Trick

    Hi Guys, I have uploaded a short video with no cuts to youtube of my New Triumph. Would love to get some reactions - Enjoy!
  2. J

    The One that Got Away

    I've recently been looking into all kinds of videos, forum threads, magazines and guide books. Anything that could explain an amazing card trick I saw in a you tube video about 2 years ago. It crossed my mind after watching some great card tricks recently but I can not seem to find the video...
  3. D

    Looking for the Impossible bottle

    hi! I am searching for the mystery bottle and the rebel bottle. If someone do want to sell it please contact me. I would be glad to buy it and add it to my collection With kind regards :)
  4. Toby Langdon

    Tornspo - Torn card Transposition

    Hey Guys, I came up with this effect a couple of months ago and would like to see what you guys think. I know the filming isn't the best but I think you can tell what's going on. When I hopefully release this effect I will also include a not so good impromptu version as well as a bonus trick you...
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