Tornspo - Torn card Transposition

Dec 30, 2014
Hey Guys, I came up with this effect a couple of months ago and would like to see what you guys think. I know the filming isn't the best but I think you can tell what's going on. When I hopefully release this effect I will also include a not so good impromptu version as well as a bonus trick you can do with the torn cards. How much would you pay for this? Thanks

Tornspo - A spectator selects a card, you take the card tear it into two, show the spectator the two pieces and place one half face down in there hand and the other half face up as a kind of receipt. Another spectator then selects another card. You tear the card exactly the same as you did the first and place one half face down and one face up. With just a tap the two face down half's change places. you can then show that the 'receipts' match perfectly with its other half.

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