The Revelation Effect BY: The Mind Reader

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  1. The Revelation Effect BY: The Mind Reader

    What you get: This is a instant download. You get the effect and two bonus routines that can be incoorperated into the effect. You also get a bonus video on performing tips, and what to do down to the last word. This trick can not fail.

    The Effect: This is a anytime, anywhere, effect that can be performed on anyone. Imagine being able to walk up to anyone with no set-up surrounded and read their mind 100% everytime.
    Everything can be examined before, during, and after the effect. You are left totally clean. You can perform this naked if you had to.

    The finer point:
    It's EASY TO DO
    No RESET
    Can be performed 360 DEGREE SURROUNDED

    It has a 10 day 100% money back guarentee

    The Method: Practical, invisible, and devious. Perfection at it's best. The site states that this is a very old method revamped for the new age.

    Video Quality: The video has great quality and sound. It is in depth and right to the point. There is not any filler material. You get the bare bones of what you need.

    Teaching: Taught to perfection. No points are missed or overlooked. Everything is explained very well and at a good learning pace.

    Price: In my opinion the price is way to low. I think they could charge triple for the effect and it would be worth it.

    Reactions: Usually it ends with jaws dropping and nothing to be said. Your audience will believe that you have read their mind.

    The point scale:
    Effect - 10/10
    Ease of use - 10/10
    Method - 10/10
    Video Quality - 10/10
    Teaching - 10/10
    Price - 10/10
    Reactions: 10/10

    OVERALL: 10/10

    Conclusion: This is great. The perfect piece of mentalism for on the fly miracles. Nothing needs to be carried. I have been out and about and run into people that want to test your magic skills. They usually figure you are not prepared. This will knock them out of their socks.

  2. Where can you find this trick?

  3. This reviews layout differs very much from your other reviews. The colours are too bright and neon-like to me, but that's just me.

    This sounds too good to be true. A suspicious review in my opinion.
    I've heard bad thigs about this one, but i can't really tell since i haven't seen neither the explanation nor a full performance.
  4. Sorry for the colors. I was just testing them. As for being suspicious it is not. This is an opinion. I did know that the move was created osme time ago as it state son the website. It also states that he has the permission form the vreater to remake the move. With that being said I think the effect is great. It is not the end all be all of mentalism but it is awesome. I have writtewn several reviews on products I get so this one is not any different. I am sorry to hear that the creater has had proiblems in the past. I did purchase this with some expectation and it did satisfy me. If it is a rip off though Im sorry I supported it unknowingly. As for what I wrote I believe it all to be true concidering I have purchased and used this effect.
  5. Okay your review pretty much makes me think that you're the person who created this effect or something. I mean honestly there's no way you can give something THAT perfect of a review.

    Oh and "a very old method revamped for the new age" basically just means that it's not his creation at all, nor is it his to sell. And it really isn't even that old.
  6. Ahhh...the beauties of the newest generation of magician-mentalists.
    Lovely. Just pure lovely.
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    I have done some research. I also emailed the owner of the trick at question. I dont like to jump to conclusions and I really liked the effect. He said that he whas read this review and will be more than happy to post to clear up any issues that are being brought up. I think he should get the benefit of the doubt and we should listen to what he has to say. I am not the creator of this effect either. I have posted many reviews on these forums and this was just another one. As for the comment regarding the new age of magician an mentalists. The new age is the future man. Obviously you ar a bit old school but when u were the new generation I'm sure the old timers had the same to say about you.
  8. this effect is pretty easy to do and you need to use "psychic patter to pull it off..IT can basically use two methods... First>The centre tear which is one way and the best way to perform revelation is via the help of ACIDUS NOVUS...superb a lil bit of reasearch on google nd u'll get long.. :)
  9. the old method refered to here is the acidus novus move...reasearch it on google nd u'll be pleased at the results
  10. So this is legit? It certainly seems intriguing to me. I'd like to try. Real magic :D[​IMG]
  11. The point is he is reselling an idea that isn't his. Your best bet is to simply go and purchase either Corinda or if you want like close to 400 pages on billet work for $20 purchase switch craft.

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