The Tarbell Course in magic or the original?

Nov 24, 2015
So I have been looking into Tarbell's books and I found two (sort of) books. The first is 'The original Tarbell lessons in magic' and the other one is 'The Tarbell course in magic' which actually consists of eight books. Is there anyone who can tell me what the difference is? 'The original Tarbell lessons in magic' seems to be the one that Tarbell wrote originally in the 1920s. But what is the other eight books?


Aug 20, 2010
duanebarry said:
The single volume book contains the original course as mailed out to people.

The original course was revised, expanded and improved to become volumes 1-6 of the 8 book set.

Book 7 was later written by Harry Lorayne.

Book 8 was later compiled from other original Tarbell writings by Richard Kaufman.

In short: The 1-book version gives you a first draft of volumes 1-6, and completely omits vols 7 and 8.

Since Tarbell's original corespondence course is in the public domain, it is available for free at
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