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  1. I just wanted to say that I have gotten great reactions time and time again from Tivo 2.0 and Subway which are both from Dan and Dave's new DVD set. I do not like doing what I consider to be cheesy tricks for people with stories about the jacks moving into the queen's room or other tricks of that flavor, so when I actually bought this DVD set and saw that the tricks were just very visually interesting to me and beautiful, I knew that people would enjoy them. I shyed away from tricks that make your audience feel like a child when you perform it. So I highly recommed thta you all go get it because people really enjoy the tricks contained in it, but beware that they are not easy to do at least for me. I spent three weeks on Tivo 2.0 before I even tried it on my friends because I just couldn't get through the whole thing with out stopping and stumbling along the way. I am currently working on getting the rest of the material down on the first DVD but it's going to take a while for me, but I love their stuff and I know it will all be worth it in the end all those hours spent. Thank you Dan and Dave for having a passion for magic because we would all be missing out had you not.
  2. Thanks for the post. I bought the 3 disk set myself and it is fantastic, just as tricks are taught just as well as sleiht of hand moves, color changes, and flourishes. I highly recommend it myself, Tivo 2.0 & the other effects on the dvd are amazing. :D
  3. oh yeah I've been doing a variation on their card-to-mouth where you lick the card and stick the back of it to your forehead. the misdirection is perfect and waiting for them to actually look up just gets funnier and funnier the longer it takes em :D
  4. well i meet the guys in houston this summer and got to spend some time with them and after seeing them i bought the dvd strait from them and got to watch and perform for them

    so i will say yes that these tricks are most visual and amazing (especially in person by the pros)

    definitely get it if you are
  5. The Tricks are very visual and I like most of them, the only ones I don't like is TiVo Transpo because it's kind of easy to figure out, and 69 because you don't show all the sixes, TiVo 2.0 is great, Card to Mouth is simple and Awesome, so is Subway, De Ja Vu is pretty cool, The Queens and Hoffzy Osbourne are like my favorite (and TiVo 2.0 of course) CArd accross the ending I can't really do, Collectors is cool, and Twinsplit Remix and Fission for aces is kind of hard for me, and I didn't even start with the aother DVDs, basicly they are awesome, don't buy them I want to have them for myself only :p
  6. hellow....

    i'm from the Philippines n i dont know how to buy the dvd...anyone can tell me the estimate? included the shiping? tnx....really am looking forward to buy the dvd....
  7. ok nevermind...theres no way in hell i'm gonna get 85$...@__@
    am just a college allowance is just enough for my needs...guess i cant learn this stuff....damn...T__T:(:(:(
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    There is one thing I always wonder,are all your guys are the beginners of card magic?
    Yes there tricks are very visual,but how do you deal with the questions from people like"Can you do anything more?"

    And from my experience that only beginners do not like packet tricks or story tricks cause this kind of trick require more performance skill than sleights.In other words,most beginners like show off more than performing.Yes,it's just a human nature.
    But,it's not good.

    One more thing is that I never consider performing the Card to mouth,cause the same concept in ACR is strong enough and easier,even more nature.Are you guys never performed the ACR?

    So,if you are beginner,I really do not recommend this DVD.It's not easier than Generation eXtreme.This DVD can give you a new style of card magic,but first of all,you must strong enough.
  9. I love the DVDs, i think they are great, and inspirational...but only to Magicians!!! The problem is, it just looks like sleight of hand, not Magic, and when you are performing just sleight of hand, and it is THAT obvious that you are just incredibly good with cards, and not really doing Magic, it takes something away from the effects...just my opinion
  10. I agree with the last two posts above. I AM new to card magic and I DO love the trilogy....but I don't have too much desire to learn and perform the tricks in it....YET. As a noob I don't want to get ahead of myself so while I practice them on my own my focus is on performing the ACR. I am keeping the effects in the trilogy 'on the shelf' until the time that I feel ready to elevate to the Buck's style of magic...That being said they ae the best tricks I've found so far for performing in loud crowded places like clubs and bars because they are quick and visual and don't require alot of patter (not that i've tried that yet...but in theory).
  11. you can get each disk seperatley through theory11 which would probably be cheaper and it might be easier to learn the material this way so your not overwhelmed with content
  12. u recomend i dont buy the dvd then silent? so...whats ure tips on begginers? n how do i get hands on them? :p
  13. I perform card to mouth, and then when they ask for it again, I perform Cards Across. I love the Trilogy.

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