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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Creeper, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I can't believe it. I honestly can't believe how some of you guys reacted to the Wynn decks. Conspiracy theories, comparing them to other decks? (One exception being Steve Simmons, who did it for our benefit.) In this rant, I'm going through everything, and saying what needs to be said.

    Conspiracy Theories- when I saw this I laughed. Do you guys honestly believe that T11 would spend a lot of money on making a deck that has already been made just to boost their sales? If they wanted to do that they'd make "fake" Jerry's and sell them. In my opinion, and I'm sure a lot of other users opinion is, cut the crap. Its a deck of playing cards.

    Comparing to other decks (Doing so to put down the Wynn’s, not just inform us about each deck and give your personal opinions)
    Their there own freakin deck! That’s one thing I hate about some people, they immediately compare things- Who was the best basketball player, Jordan or Chamberlain? Does it really matter? Can we not respect both for what they are?

    Bashing the deck
    I'm more fed up with this than anything else. THIS DECK WAS NOT MADE FOR FLOURISHING! THIS DECK WAS NOT MADE FOR MAGIC! THIS DECK WAS MADE FOR POKER! THAT'S IT! I hear some of you saying this deck sucks, well either its just you who sucks and blames it on the cards, or you don't know how to handle cards correctly. No deck on the face of the earth will make you better at flourishing. No deck on the face of the earth will increase your magic talent. In my opinion, the cards you use DOES NOT MATTER! If you are truly dedicated to your art, and eventually develop some talent, it is not because of the cards. It is because you spent count-less hours practicing, working your fingers to the bone just for one single flourish. I'm willing to bet you dananddave didn't get where their at today by using the best quality playing cards. They got where they are because they practiced and practiced, and it paid off.
  2. I love them. I'd pay easily for the reds and blues also if Theory11 ever decided to sell them. But, alas...there just are people out that who cannot be satisfied. If anything, that just means that they're more for us.

    Shane K.

  3. If only people had stuck to this great idea...
  4. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

    You are the kind of person we want on these forums. :)

    John :cool:
  5. Who me? I'd thought I'd get a lot of crap from this thread.
  6. Yes, you. Too many people complain about every little thing possible. Someone has to set them straight. :)
  7. Oh, well thanks!


    shaq is the best
  9. Sorry, but Dr. J is the all-time best. No question. Back on topic.
  10. Great thread!

    Honestly, totally true
  11. Why don't each and every one of us judge the decks if we have purchased them, and if we have an opinion, post a (respectful) review of it in the appropriate section.
    Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, to think that people are concerned that Theory 11 is lying about the value/rareness of a deck of cards when they should be worrying about the government using alien technology to brainwash the American people is ridiculous. :eek:
  12. I don't think that the conspiracy theory-11s were about counterfeit decks, just lying about the rareness. None the less, I'm starting to think that I'm retarded, as I usually do after a stupid comment.
  13. I'm actually really annoyed at the huge hype about these decks. 250 sold in 90 seconds? What the hell is wrong with some people? They don't look that beautiful to me, and from what we are hearing, they handle like airplane cards.

    Then again, I am one of those people who believes card collecting to be a waste of money and drawer space. If you will buy a deck of cards, use it!
  14. Ha, Michael Jordan's son goes to my school... My friend, whose the son of the manager of the school basketball team on which Marcus Jordan is on, met his Jordan once...
  15. QFT! It really p*sses me off that those who instantly hit the buy button and get more Wynns even though they already own 6-12 of them, but they also never think about those whose internet connection sucks and takes 3 minutes to load one page. Those people like me don't even get a chance to even press the buy button before they say "sold out". And yes, from reviews I see they are good but not super spectacular. I probably won't even bother with the Wynn's anymore, seeing that I can't fill out the shipping order and that before they are sold out.

  16. Well, you have 11 minutes tonight. Hopefully that's enough time for you.

    Calm time.

  17. you have 11 minutes to complete your order. :)

    EDIT: Keenan beat me to it lol.
  18. Actually, now you have 11 minutes to complete your order, as the next and last release window for 2007 has opened.

    May the force be with us...

  19. Finally got a brick!

    And 14 Guardians, for funsies.


    Thanks so much Theory11 Guys!
  20. Man, me Steve and Jack are on it tonight ;)

    Good Job team. We are now the three amigops.

    (QUIZ: What smart tv show is that from?)


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