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  1. Wayne, as we all know, there is plenty of material in the world of magic. With that being said, how are you able to constantly stay original not only with what you create but also with effects that have been around that you perform?
  2. Do you like preforming magic more with with your body than cards, coins etc.?

    Does it seem more magical to you that way?
    ( Stigmata, Control, Thread )
  3. was Thread made for everyone? I just tried to do it right away when my DVD arrived, and had some problems with it, I think is just practice, but could anyone perform it?

    Thanks Wayne
  4. Have you created anything on accident
    Can you give us some information on the other items you have instore for us
    Are you going to continue using thread as an opener or use another item.
  5. What is your biggest source of inspiration? (music, landscape, ect)
  6. how do you choose a good audience to approach. Are there factors or things you look for when deciding who to approach
  7. Who is your favorite magic creator?
  8. What is your favorite approach in dealing with hecklers?
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    Sorry if I duplicate any questions!

    THREAD Questions:

    - What inspired you to create Thread?

    - What is it about Thread that makes it so amazing?

    - What kind of reactions to you get from Thread?

    - How long has it taken to create the Thread we'll be purchasing?

    - Why do you think Thread gives you incredible reactions?

    W:H Questions:

    - Have you always wanted to become a magician? If not, what other jobs did you have in mind?

    - Which project do you think was the largest success? Be specific.

    - Do you view yourself as a pioneer of magic? Why?

    - Who do you view as a pioneer of magic? Why?

    - Are you more of a creator or a performer? Why?

    - What do you want people to think of you?

    - On an average day, how long do you practice?

    - What's your advice when it comes to hecklers?

    - Do you think young magicians bring a bright future? Or will they be the end to the magic? Explain.

    Fun Questions:

    - So, what REALLY went into Danny Garcia's eyeball?

    - Pancakes or Ninjas? Obama or McCain?
  10. WHo do you hang out with more: Danny G or Dana hocking
  11. How do you feel about youtube videos that reveal tricks like yours? Please explain.
  12. Sorry if I duplicate questions!

    More Questions:

    - What effect do you perform the most?

    - What's your definition of "magic"?

    - Have you ever messed up badly? If so, and you feel comfortable, could you tell us about it?

    - Please name one person YOUNGER than you that you look up to.

    - Please name one person OLDER than you that you look up to.

    - Do you have any interest in card flourishing?

    - Do you feel you've accomplished a lot in the world of magic?

    - What will be your next project after Thread?

    - Which project(s) do you feel could have been improved on?
  13. If you could have a lifetime supply of one deck which deck would it be?
  14. When/If you have a child will you try to spread magic into his/her life?

    Peace out,
  15. Dan or dave
    Obama or mcain
    danny G or Dana H.
    Republican or Democrat.
    scary or funny
    to be or not to be
    shoes or sandles
  16. What was the first trick you ever learned?
  17. Are there any other magic websites besides Theory 11 you would enjoy working on?
  18. I know you and aaron fisher are working on a few projects together. can you say what they are or will we have to wait.
  19. When you were a kid did you ever think magic would take you this far in life?
  20. What is your life dream in magic?

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