Thoughts on Mind Control

Aug 31, 2007
Hartford, CT
This is something I've been interested since eight years old. Seriously. I'm now 45 and I do adult stage hypnosis.

I'll save you hundreds of dollars that charletons may charge you:

Other than drugs and/or real physical threat there is no such thing as mind control. If you remember that all people, in the end, will make their own desicions, and all you can do is make a suggestion, you've got it. The idea isn't to control the mind, but convince someone that you are "mind controlling" them so they decide to follow a suggestion you make.

Mind control, hypnosis, NLP, etc, have the same ideas behind them: you have a confident attitude, you confuse the people so they don't think things completely through (We're magician - read that last line as "distract" and/or "misdirect"), make a suggestion, and that's all you do. And honestly, that's all you can do.

Desire and belief on the part of the people play the biggest part in this. Some people will follow your suggestions, some will not. Once you've done this a lot, you can tell which ones are subject to your suggestions and which people aren't.

Again, all you really do is act confident, confuse and suggest. That's it. Anyone telling you any different is trying to use "mind-control" on you. :)
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
The Mythbusters pretty much busted this by having Grant get hypnotized and whenever he heard a certain word, he would have to draw something on his battle bot that he made.

What happened was him hearing the word and simply laughing a lot. Altho they did prove you could use hypnoses to make people remember minor details about events that happened that day.
I just had to say that Derren Brown's Mind Control on SciFi channel ROCKS, never heard of him till I saw his TV show, & if I ever get to have my own tv show, he'd be on my dream list of magic consultants. He is definetely the best "mind controller" I've ever seen!
Mind Control. Is it real? The answer is yes, and no. And our stage hypnotist friend that answered above I think hit a lot of really key points that I was going to make so I'll just focus on a few recaps.

Mind Control as it exists in the minds of modern americans, ala. James Bond freaky psudo science devices and what not is not real. No one can invade your thoughts and force you to do something against your will or outside of the reaches of your normal character.

However! Through uses of NLP, suggestion, hypnosis, and other simular techniques one ~can~ influence others behaviors somewhat predictably, to do things that give the appearance that they are 100% in control of said individual. As our friend above stated this really just depends on your presentation and your ability to be completely in control of your self, your audience, your target, and your confidence. Though there is no sure fire method that will work 100% of the time, if you aren't in complete control of everything you will notice a stronger percentage of "misses" than if you were in control.

Hope that helps.
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