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  1. hi guys, bros and all the people ho like's this wonderful art, my name is gonzalo, and i speak not so well inglish, xD

    k my question is that trick, thread from eye, i want to know a few things about it like ho was the inventor and how can i learn it i been searching on this cool page but i cant find it

    i want buy it but i cant find it, please if anyone help me on this...

    k cya all good luc :p
  2. Hi and welcome to theory11. I think Wayne Houchin created that trick, correct me if I'm wrong. You can't find the trick here because theory11 doesn't sell it.
  3. This effect has not been released yet, but I'm sure everyone is looking forward to when it does.
  4. Hi, and welcome to theory11...

    As it's sayed that t11 does not sell this effect... but I'am not a 100% sure that it have been published... so there is a book called Swami/Mantra, which is the two bizzare magic magazines put together in one book "I think :p"...


    I don't give you my word on finding the effect in this book... the only problem is that the book is out of stock and i don't think it will be released again...

    Warning: This book is dangerous... so they don't sell it for anyone under the age of 21

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    Yea just remembered, wayne said in The session 2007 dvd by Alakazam... that it is his effect and he is the one who gave criss angel :D...

    Hope Wayne releases it :p maybe as a 1-on-1 or a dvd!
  6. It will be released as a DVD this year or early next year.
  7. How did you know that? Insider information?
  8. I said too much....
  9. you were right before. this was released in swami/mantra with a painful and dangerous method. it looks JUST like thread, minus the thread going into the mouth and out of the eye at the same time, which would be easy enough to duplicate. knowing Wayne, this is NOT the method because it is WAY too dangerous to be released to his largest audience (I.E.: another WARNING fiasco. but worse)
  10. I really hope that this is a new and safe method that nobody knows of.

    Because the old one that everyone else doing thread is using is dangerous, and allot of people would get it and probably hurt themselves.
  11. wayne made this trick and will be sold in november at it is the first dvd in his new dvds wayne houchin signature series volume 1 it will come with a little book thing and the dvd

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