Through and Through by Dan Hauss

Jan 19, 2008
0 much as i have respect for PCP...Dont buy this. Its not even Dan Hauss' trick. He got it out of the Swami matra book and this has been done so many times before by many people, why should Dan be able to release this and profit off an idea thats not even his?! I also heard he was trying to come up with a gimmicked version of it as soon as the original video was put up but could not find a method so just left it out. I could be wrong on that, buts its what i heard.
Dec 26, 2007
As I was part of the production and am good friends with Dan Hauss I can assure you that he was not trying to come up with a gimmicked version. He wanted to teach this stunt as it is something that he loves performing. He has a deep respect for the sideshow arts and wanted to teach this as a sideshow piece. He/we never tried to make it even sound like he created this stunt idea. He goes into great detail about this on the DVD. It is also NOT in swami mantra. You might only want to comment on things that you actually know not just what you have heard.
Jan 19, 2008
I know for a fact this is not original, you even said it! And why should you be able to profit off it? Not even your idea and it has been published before. You dont know how many sideshow performers are pissed at Dan Hauss, In fact i talked to one today! Just like Downfall...published before...Dont even start me on Infintity coin bend on how crappy that was.

I still want to support papercrane but these 3 effects (Infinity bend, down fall, through and through) should not have been released.
Dec 26, 2007
You are entitled to your opinion on our products and I have no issue with that. We made through and through an entertainig dvd for those who want to know how it is done. You can disagree but I will always respond strongly to lies being told about Dan and about this being in Sawmi Mantra. As far as this being published before, we do our research but did not find this to be published anywhere.
Jun 22, 2009
Bleh... not impressed with this effect. Now if he could do this to his entire stomache then thats an effect!!
Jan 5, 2009
Small town Ohio
If you think this has not been published before then WOW you guys suck at research. MANY people are doing this stunt right now so to say Dan created this...HAHA.

Okay, okay, okay... please stop.
Do you realize how many different effects are republished?? My god, can't you think of all the two card transpo's or whatever else is out there that different magician's have stuck their names on? they give credit to who made it and then go on. How is this any different? It's not.
We realize you aren't a fan of Through and Through. Let it end on that. Arguing with ppc isn't going to get you anywhere and it's just going to make you look like a jerk.
There are many efffects out there that i don't particularly care for but i don't go bashing them.

I respect ppc and all the produce. As should you. Even if you don't like some of the things they put out, they deserve your respect.

Enough with arguing... i think this looks cool. I'd never do it however, because i'm afraid of needles haha.
Oct 28, 2007
Sydney Australia
Most new effects these days are recycled from old effects. Its not just Dan Hauss but alot of new aged magicians including, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin etc.
Better methods

The acupuncture needle is a great addition. That Dan adds, but there is a method that has virtually NO PAIN, only the prick when it comes out of the palm. Study the Metatarsals, Tendons, and Muscles to find out.

FYI, the objects that Dan refers to as bones in the hands, are actually the tendons. You can perform this trick 50 times in a single day and no damage, unless the needle is larger than 18 gauge.
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
I met Dan at a convention in NY. I bought sleeping queen from him and he threw this dvd in with it. Basically he told me that he has an abundance of Through and Through because a lot of magicians are afraid to put a needle through their hand. I don't blame them, I still have yet to watch the dvd because it is dangerous. I can see why Papercrane pulled the plug.
Jun 11, 2012
I think I'll pass on this one. I'd much rather be able to do thousands of sleight-of-hand oriented tricks than mess up my hand doing this one risky, not-so-magical stunt.
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