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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by medic91whiskey, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I just tried tivo 2.0 for the first time at my college and even though I'm a bit nervous performing a new trick, I still got great reactions from people. I've been practicing it for a month now I think and I finally got to where I can do the sleight instantly; my only problem now at times is keeping everything lined up at the end, but man what an awesome sleight dan and dave! It's my all time favorite card trick next to Zamiel's Rose is it called? Buy their new DVD set if you haven't already guys it drips of awesomeness!
  2. Cuso, I love your performance! The handling is great and it just looks amazingly smooth, I also really enjoyed the editing.

    As for the move itself, it's really great, nice nifty little effect and congratulations on your successful performance :)
  3. Yes, I also love to perform TiVo 2.0. One of my favorites too. I mainly like all of Dan and Dave's tricks, especialy Subway. Congrats to Dan and Dave for their wonderful sleights and tricks.
  4. Hey, cuso I liked your performance
    it was very well done, and I like the ending, gave me a new way to reveal the other card...
    I was always talking it out sideways
  5. I love Tivo 2.0. It's a superb sleight! Truely brilliant. Dan and Dave are definately a couple of genious'. They're are 2 of my biggest heroes.
  6. i love the trick i just can't get the cardini cahnge smoothly
  7. This looks damn nice although its not Tivo 2.0, its the original. Also you have changed the structure slightly, you use the duck change rather than the Super flip at the end.

    Not that it matters though as this looks very nice. :)
  8. I don't know what you were watching but that is indeed Tivo 2.0... and there is no duck change in that video.
    Cuso, sweet Le Paul spread...
  9. The only Vid that plays for me is the "featured video" which is the little on on the right. I can't make out the writing in it, must be Tivo Transpo. I only see white space on the rest of the site. I think its my proxy server at work.

    Apologies then.

    But still if this is your Tivo Transpo then its still a Duck change and not a super flip.

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