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  1. TITLE and Creator: TKO by Jeff Kaylor

    Effect: "Make things go poof". You take any small object and make it disappear, ending clean.

    "No strings, no magnets, no sleeves, no coat, no problem... Just powerful magic."- Michael Ammar

    Price: 70$

    Very high quality video with text describing what he's doing. Very easy to follow along with.​

    Quality of materials:


    What you receive in the package is nearly flawless. You receive a topit that fits into a button up shirt, has an adjustable opening, and a ledge that makes retrieving object you make vanish very easy. My only complaint is that when vanishing heavier objects (like I like to do because I think it's cool that you can), the ledge doesn't have enough strength. This is easily fixable if you follow the instructions on www.thekayloroption.com members only section for the TKO for reinforcing the ledge. Once you do the TKO can vanish a lot of the same things a topit can. (See Applications)

    This is something that you don't want to just go out and perform. You are going to want to treat practicing with this just like you would a topit. Take a stack of coins and as you're watching TV just toss the coins in without looking, that way you get consistent and won't mess up by missing. And in case you do miss (which will happen assuming were all human) Jeff has several outs for that.

    11/10 (Seriously)
    This has a lot of applications. Aside from the basic coin vanish, you can also make other small items vanish. Objects aside from coins aren't really covered in the DVD or booklet, but it's self explanatory so there really isn't a need for them to cover it in the book. But there are millions of applications for this. One of my favorite is turning a coin into a jumbo, then turning it back and ending clean. You can put a coin through your hand, a coin into a sugar packet, bend coins, do a spellbound type change, and with everything you do with this Utility device you end 100% clean. You're hands are empty.

    Overall Rating:
    An awesome device, definitely worth the money. The only bad thing is that everyone is going to have one when Jeff starts mass producing them.

    Every serious magician is going to have one of these. The times of every magician walking around in a full suit are over. Nowadays the majority of magicians are wearing casual gear, (this is not true of paid performers who still wear suits, but for those the topit is the tool they would use, not the TKO), they dress in everyday clothing, button up shirts, t-shirts, polo. For the average magician who dresses casual while performing this is something I couldn't recommend more. You can do almost as many effects as the topit in clothing that isn't as conspicuous. You do have to wear a button up shirt. But it's well worth the investment.

    Any question feel free to ask.

    You can find it right here
  2. What's the largest item that could be toppited?
  3. A jumbo coin is as big as I can do. I'm working on a cell phone vanish but so far it's not been reliable.

    Hopefully that helps.
  4. So would you say a pool ball is pushing it?
  5. A pool ball would be too large, the reason I can fit a jumbo coin, which would appear to be the same size, is because its is flat on two sides and therefore not to large for the opening. I'll experiment and try to find a way to make that work but I think it's too heavy and too big. Sorry.
  6. Okay thanks for that info.
  7. Last time I saw Jeff, he said the largest thing he's vanished openly is a deck of cards. I've been working on a way to vanish larger items (cellphones primarily) without cover and it's been successful so far.

    By the way KoS, where in Central FL are you from?
  8. I was wondering...what if the space in between buttons on my button-up shirt are too small?
  9. You don't have to worry about that. Jeff covers everything you need to know in the pamphlet and the DVD.
  10. Here are a few vanishes I have been playing around with. Any constructive criticism is welcome. They have served me well in live performances though cameras are a bit less forgiving.

  11. Constructive Criticism:

    When I was watching your video (and yes, the videos probably didn't do full justice for your performances), I really noticed your tossing motion. It might seem like nothing much to a layperson, but for me, it really catches my attention and makes me think you did something suspicious. If I were you, I would try to do it on more of an off-beat (if that were possible?) rather than when the focus SHOULD be on the object, eg. in your first green chip vanish.
    Other than that, the pool ball vanish and changing into a card was quite a kicker; very visual indeed!
  12. The last one with the spellbound pool balls was really good.
  13. Thanks for the trained eye. Like I say, in live performance these have done well with lay audiences but when I watch it on video it all looks painfully obvious...of course I know how its done. Actually, in live performance I do take the heat off the "green chip" and I resort to a more classic toss. If you have the misdirection a steady classic pitch is the way to go but unfortunately the move is also more likely to flash on video so I resorted to the rather "jerky" looking reverse pitch.

    @K.O.S. thanks for the compliment on the spell bound. I can still see one funky pause as I get set for the palm pitch but I do like that one quite a bit. The pool ball spellbound(not the palm pitch) is taught in Creig Petty's Pool Ball Miracles. It is an excellent DVD and ebook and it comes with 4 mini pool balls. My guess is if a full sized pool ball is to much for the TKO these mini-pool balls should do the trick.
  14. The video definitely doesn't do it justice. I use a similar setup for misdirection with doing a cellphone vanish as you do with the green chip. For the billiard ball spellbound, I recommend doing the ditch as your right hand reaches to grab the cue ball rather than ditching and then tossing the cue ball into your right hand. All in all, it looks great.
  15. That makes a lot of sense. I think I'm trying to get "clean" too early and that's making the movement less smooth.

    Are you saying you are using a reverse pitch on the cellphone vanish? I'll have to try that. I'd be afraid of the antenna snagging on my shirt with such a dynamic move.

    On a side note, I have been playing around with using this as a cleanup for money gimmicks, ie, DGs Greed. Anyone with a TKO had any luck with anything like that?
  16. Kinda sorta but not really...check your PM box in a bit. ;)
  17. Sir,

    Be you Dwarven?

  18. Sir,

    Want you to be cloven? :mad:

    It's just that Americans tend to be much taller than the average Chinese teen, which I am, therefore it IS a small concern.
  19. Nice vanishes! This looks like a great device.
  20. Thanks. I don't want to confuse anyone. What I am using is not a TKO. The device is very similar but from what I've read on this and other forums the TKO can't handle a full size pool ball. From what I hear the you can vanish an object with the TKO and have it produced from a pocket. The device I am using can't do that. So there are Pros and Cons to each.

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