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  1. hello
    i'm living in a country where i can't get the stuff xD

    can anyone gimme a website where i can order them from and what size is the thing other than the rubber band the one he got seems bigger than the ones i saw in the stationary here
  2. oops nevermind
  3. I was just about to post this too. A website where we can get rubber bands in one color would be great. A stationary specialist asked their wholesalers and said it would be £40 for a bag of bands all size 19 in one color....every other store I checked out only have bags of assorted bands which is useless as I might only get one band out of each bag the size and color I want.

    It's also snowing real heavy in England right now so I can't travel to the city to check their stores, a website would be excellent.
  4. No one can help us out with this?
  5. Oh wow! Thank you, Calen. Maybe it's best in Private message... but where do you get your gimmick? That's my main concern. I love the bands you use though. I use them for almost all my rubber band effects.
  6. Thanks for that Calen. This is when it sucks to live outside the US, about £10 for Transit now £10 for rubber bands to do Transit and I'll probably have to pay a similar price an effect that should be cheap to perform actually costs nearly triple the price of learning it.
  7. Yeah where can you get the gimmick that goes with those bands? I looked around many stores and could not find one. Can you tell me if you can buy the gimmick from that store too?
  8. I never thought it'd be so hard to find two every day objects....
  9. No need for the on line stores. I went to my local staples and found a kit that has the rubber bands and the other piece you need sold together. Its enough to make 100 plus gimmicks. The kit costs 12.99 and it is well worth it. You will probably never have to buy another gimmick again.
  10. Not everyone has Staples near them, and the gimmicks have to match...

    By the way, the information about the kit is revealing. Anybody who truly wanted to know what the gimmick is could just go to staples and search for a kit matching that description. I'd recommend editing that post.
  11. Nice one nremtb, found one on the staples website. A lot cheaper than 12.99 though.
  12. hi guys so if you live in the uk here is the solution

    make your own , just kidding the link below is for amazon uk and they are physically in uk the bands so no more import costs[/URL]

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