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  1. I can perform this over facebook whatsapp,and over a phone call

  2. Magicians choice
  3. I should clarify that the one I use and the one used in Chris Ramsey's "Red Pill" works smoothly with only face cards.
  4. If you use classic magicians choice you can do any card. Max Maven, Banachek, Mark Eldson and David Berglas all have approaches to the classic method.

    It's popular to force a face card (Josh Jay, Blake Vogt, Chris Ramsay etc.) because it narrows your options very quickly.

    Personally, I use Jim Steinmeyer's version (forces a 9 or 7 I think. I only use the 9). It uses a funky script but I frame it as subliminal influence.

    I also use Kenton Knepper's from completely cold. It's very versitile but it works best with at least 2 people.

    These are not very surefire. Working with Rick Lax on Facebook we tried some of the classics on millions of people. I don't think we could have had a larger sample size and even Vernon's psi force flopped.

    Reliably, you can force a 7, queen of hearts or ace of spades. Pick up Psychological Subtleties for more information.

    Peter Turner's snap change is interesting but I would call it a logic force, as it breaks the psi force mold. You can learn it (along with some other not so reliable forces) on his download Psyche.
  5. Was it FB live?

    Otherwise, that's why it didn't work. You can't rely on psych forces with a script being played like that, you have to be able to adjust the delivery as you're giving it.
  6. Josh has some good stuff up there.

    I opened for years with asking for someone to name a card, freely--no forcing--then reaching into a pocket with no hesitation and two fingers and pulling out the named card. I used a 4 card per pocket (8 for the big jacket pockets) that let me keep all of the essential cards plus some outliers. If you do the research that Josh suggests you will find out that it is a rare spectator that will name something truly random like the five of spades. We are talking lay people here. They will name an ace, a court card, a seven, a two pretty much in that order of probability. In the rare event that they named something I didn't have I just did an invisible deck routine.

    As far as having a spectator reach into your pocket, unless you are wearing a jacket that may introduce an unwanted creep-factor. For my trick I don't think it would have added anything worth the extra work since it was my opener.

    There are some good pocket index systems in old books, unfortunately most of them were designed for jacket styles that were much more generous in the pocket department than modern fashion.
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  7. its very very ballsy but you can use the advocate and let them pull it out by you locating the cards and pulling it out so its the 1st thing the spectator grabs onto and pulls out. Very risky. Would i reccomend. 100%

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