Weekly Community Creativity Contest: 17th - 25th March

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sean_Raf, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I kinda stopped doing it, because no one else does it. Only 2 people. It's sorta no fun anymore..
  2. Hey guys, man 3 days away from the forums and I've missed nothing :p

    I guess this hasn't really taken off as much as I'd have liked it to. Which is a shame 'cause I was just working out with someone a special edition contest with a prize for the winner for the summer or something.

    It's a shame to see it happen but I guess this is going to have to be the last one, it'll be judged and a winner announced this evening.

    Sorry folks! It's been fun while it lasted eh? :)

    - Sean
  3. Aww, now you made me feel sad and guilty. I'll do it next week, I promise. Let's get some more people, guys!
  4. I think we should rethink things, and just make a revamped contest.
  5. It'd be great if you could still run the contests, but have t11 sponsor them with small prizes like Guardian, Wynn, or Centurion Decks. It would sure get a lot more people to start doing it.
  6. Totally 101% agreed. It'll motivate the contestants...by a lot!! (esp. me...;))
  7. Soooo... Do i win? lol
  8. So is the sports version on? Or not? :'(
  9. Hey guys, I come bearing news.

    First, I'll put up the next contest on Tuesday if you think we can get more people to take part. As you guys have expressed, it's just not fun if there's not many people entering.

    Second, well that's still on the fence but it could be fantastic news or good news. So keep your eyes open for that one.

    Third, if we're going to keep this contest going, after my exams and the summer holiday has officially started for most, if not all, then a Special Edition WCC will be started and -- well I'll reveal more closer to the time. ;) But hopefully, there will be a prize given out for the winner/s of that one.

    Fourth, a winner has been decided for this contest and I'll reveal that tonight. Promise ;)

    - Sean
  10. Awesome. I'll try and get some of my homeboys to start doing it. lol Thanks, Sean!
  11. Well, as I promised a winner has been decided. Both entries were "very enjoyable to watch." so good job on that one!

    It was apparently a tough choice to make between the two but this week's winner is:


    Well done! A nice performance and some sweet patter too. You are officially the proud owner of the title "Community Creativity Contest Winner 17-25th March".

    Keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday for this week's SPORT contest!!! See you there.

    - Sean
  12. Congrats, 13! I'm looking forward to more entries this time around!
  13. And the losing streak stays intact! Excellent

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