Weekly Community Creativity Contest: 3rd - 11th March

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sean_Raf, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Sweet, Nice entry.
  2. Thanks! ALOT!
  3. Wow, cool contest, I wish I knew about it earlier :(.
  4. There's still time to make an entry! And there'll be contests each week with a new topic. :D Spread the word. >_> :p

    - Sean
  5. A bit late but what do the winners get.
  6. Bragging rights. :D

  7. LOVE IT! id be proud to loose against you man. GOOD JOB! it inspired me to make a trick similar (not in my submission but now in my show possiblly) with a really dark bold marking and it appears to vanish but turns into a real marked card. its like an ACR
  8. Hey guys, just a reminder there's 2 days left including today! I'll try and get a video up for those having trouble coming up with something :) No promises though! :p

    - Sean
  9. Well, I've been cruising by this thread a lot lately and decided to take a stab at creating my own video. Now, I took this in one shot mind you since I didn't have much time today to sit down and get the effect perfect on camera.

    Basically mine is an adaptation of another effect called Jokers Wild on Penguin Magic.


    More than anything I was going for patter, and the story behind the effect. Unfortunately when I was rendering the video, it was really loud so I turned down the Master Volume and forgot to turn it back up. So, crank your speakers...while I'm talking not the beginning. It is also nearly 7 minutes, so try not to be daunted by the length of it :).

    Don't be too harsh, and expect a few other videos soon. As well as some more Creativity Contest Entries.

  10. I watched all 7 minutes. Thanks for adding your talents to the mix, I totally agree with what you said at the end there too.

    As for my own routine, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, its kinda in depth and I do not know if I will be able to get the performance down to my liking in time. But wish me luck anyways hah
  11. Nice submission there RebelAce :D

    Hey guys, just a small update. Thanks to a suggestion from Hazerman15 (Matt) and Adjones, what I'm going to do from now on, is give you the next weeks topic too, so you can prepare routines and what have you.

    Not only this, but I've decided to extend the deadline for this week until next Tuesday, yep, that's right! You have another whole week to crank something out :) and if you already have then encourage others to participate! They don't have to be from this forum remember! This is for everyone to participitake (new word "ohhh yeaaaah") in.

    For those of you struggling with coming up with something, I made this for you to garner some ideas from if you wish. :) This is not an actual entry as that would be silly if I won haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y8CXYKhWY4

    And one last thing before I go:


    - Sean
  12. Okay good stuff. So this Tuesday coming up, the 18th, is the deadline for the gambling. And the deadline for the science routine is the 25th?
  13. Correctemundo. :)

    - Sean
  14. I'm not doing it next week, but I pretty sure I'll try for next week's contest, Science.!!1 I already have an idea.
  15. aww our champ is down for the count!
  16. Almost tuesday cant wait to see the entries.
  17. Don't forget guys! Tomorrow is the final day for entries for the WCCC Gambling Edition! All entries must be submitted by 11pm EST.

    They will be looked at and a winner announced. :D Once that's done, the next competition will begin. :D

    - Sean
  18. Well, I'm exhausted, and I totally forgot about this thing, so I'm out for this time. Next time I'll be sure to enter, though.

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