Weekly Community Creativity Contest: 3rd - 11th March

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sean_Raf, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Woah, am I going to be the only repeat entrant? If i get a video done haha
  2. Righty-ho! (Wow... That was so British)

    This contest is now over!!! Videos will be judged and the winner announced as soon as possible (most likely tonight). After that, next weeks contest will begin!! So get your thinking caps on and get ready. :D

    - Sean
  3. Well, that's it folks. The second contest has been judged and a decision has been made for the 2nd weeks winner!!!

    *Imaginary Drum Roll*
    Stop drumming your fingers on the desk now. :p

    This weeks winner is.........


    Congratulations!!! Your video kept the viewer engaged and entertained throughout just as everyone elses did! Yours however seems to have stood out as the most entertaining and here we are! You are now officially the winner of the WCC Week Beginning 3rd. Congratulations once again!

    Please click here for the third contest!
  4. Congratulations, RA!

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