What deck u carry around ... ?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. What deck do you take with you that you perform with when you leave your house, whether it's a gimmick or normal deck.
  2. Bikes.

  3. Bikes for casual performance. Smokes for paid gigs.
  4. Smokes or Mirrors all around, paid or not.
  5. Aladdin or Bikes =D Depends on which I'm using at the moment
  6. Bicycles all the way.
  7. Bikes. Awesome cards, best quality to price ratio there is.
  8. Bikes all the way!
  9. Tally-ho fan back
  10. I like studs so i carry those often. Aladdins or tallys depending
  11. Bikes or tally circle backs
  12. bikes and aladdin...just got my smoke deck!!!
  13. if I couldn't buy my Bikes for around $1/pack I probably would try others but my Blue Backed Bikes (at least 1 pack) are always on me.

    I have a set that goes in my pocket, one pack at my desk at work and a pack in my car at all times!
  14. red bikes with a breather, a dupe or two in a classic clip wherever i go. usually a double facer too. sometimes arrco's with everythign but the double facer.

    for more upscale S&M's or Stinger's depending on the situation.
  15. i love arrcos and tallyhos fan back. most gimmicks come in bike form so sometimes you gotta have one of those packs. I like the way stingers feel but people are not sure of a deck that isnt blue or red for some reason...
  16. Standard Red bikes all the time and I usually carry a red bike invisible deck...
  17. Whatever I am using at the time.
  18. bikes either tally-ho circle backs.. sometimes smokes.
  19. A pack of white arcanes in one pocket, a red bike in the other, either green bikes or a tally ho viper deck (which ever is not the fan back) on me,

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