What decks can be used for the "Invisible Deck" trick?

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  1. Hey guys. I am dying to learn this trick ( Invisible Deck ) but i have some questions. I have also been dying to get the Bicycle: "Black Scorpion Deck" but the problem is i don't know if the Invisible Deck trick can be performde by that deck. Can it?
  2. only a Invisible Deck can do the trick u cant use any other deck.
  3. Not true. You can do ID with any deck you want, but it'll take a little more work. I would recommend buying a normal Invisible Deck, and once you understand how it works, make your own. Or just simply look through the forums on how to make an invisible deck, there are a few threads on it. Hope this helped!

  4. Jacob this has been extremely helpful but i am still kind of confused.. Is there a type of deck called the "Invisible Deck"? I thought it was just the trick since i couldn't find it in the website's store.
  5. Yes, the invisible deck is a particular type of deck of cards. If you buy the DVD from theory11 (available here) you get the instruction plus the deck of cards. If you look at the options you get the invisible deck in various back designs. Then you can choose what you like :)
  6. If you mean that you can't make an invisible deck and that you have to buy it already made, you are more wrong than 2 left shoes.

    An invisible deck is a gaffed deck. You can buy them pre-made, but you can also take pretty much any deck you want and make it into an invisible deck if you know how it's made and you have the materials (or an office store nearby).

    If you don't know what an invisible deck or how it works, then sure, buy the trick with a pre-made deck. Once you have that, you should be able to figure it out.
  7. great thanks man.
  8. If you want to do this effect with an ordinary deck and not a trick deck then you can learn it on one of Alex Elmsley's videos.
  9. fantastic thanks man you are great
  10. Is he on theory 11? I mean where can i find his videos?
  11. its a gimmicked deck. you can get the gimmicked deck in alot of styles from bicycle to tally ho.
    here is a link to a page of invisible deck options: Invisible Decks
  12. got it. thanks man for your help
  13. anytime dude,
    visit one of my challenges
  14. Although you can make an ID, I don't think you save enough money to warrant making one. You can buy on on penguinmagic for $7.50. Also, I would recommend getting the Jay Sankey or Oz Pearlman dvds on ID. They include a lot of great effects and routines which will help with presentation.
  15. Well, you need the Invisible Deck to perform the effect, but you can also "make" the gimmicked deck from a normal deck, which i did and i gotta say it lasts longer ... for me at least. And once you know the "secret", and know how to fabricate it yourself, you can start making other effects base on it, which i also did ... and it is just as impactful
  16. Decks are like $2 and the secret ingredient can be used for many, many decks. It's ridiculous for anyone to say that saving 75% off the commercial cost isn't enough savings. If you do the invisible deck in performance and you're not just a bedroom magician, you'll want to make your own decks.
  17. I don't generally know what kind of decks people use but for people in other countries, the decks cost quite a bit more than 2 dollars. And that argument doesn't really make sense. Just because you can get something for 25 cents instead of a dollar but have to go through a lot more effort on your part isn't always worth it.

    Just saying.
  18. Hey fellas, we are here to help each other so I am just going to come out and say it. Most people use Testor's Dull Cote spray from any hobby shop. They spray it on the backs to create the rough smooth finish. Normally from about a foot away is best. A light mist. It can be used on an entire deck ( Invisible Deck ) or you can just use it on 1 card if you want to make a card vanish during one of your other effects.

    I found Testor's Dull Cote useful to touch up and fix my older Invisible Decks and now I just make my own. Some people will say it is easier just to buy the decks already made. It is a personal preference.
  19. Buy the first deck so you can understand the "secret" to performing the effect.

    If you make your own, make sure you do it in a well ventilated area such as a basement or a garage. You probably want to do several coats of the mist to get it to the right roughness -- letting the cards dry in between coats. There is a risk that the cards will warp if you put too much spray on them. Also, once they have dried you want to put the deck under a stack of books or in a Porper card clip just to flatten them out.

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