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  1. Over the Weekend I bumped into someone in a pub ( a friend of a friend) whom i had previously preformed magic for. I had shown him the haunted deck trick that i do and he absolutly flipped out over it. I was showing a couple of friend this new card trick i was playing around with, when this guy and the couple of people he was with came over and asked if i didn't find showing them something, so i did my new trick after which the guy remembers the haunted deck i had perviously shown him and begged me to preform it at which point one of his friend says to him " i remember you telling me about that iv got to see it i don't believe it's possible".

    Now at this stage i would like nothing more than to show them the trick however i don't have a loop on me and so i can't. but what do i say other than i can't do it now... leading them to believe it is some kind of trick deck or something?

    In the end i think i said something like its too difficult to do it with these cards there too heavy or something similar, but regardless they left disappointed and kinda annoyed at what they perceived to be my refusal to preform the trick.
    I'm sure this must have happened to most of you at some point so I thought I would see if anyone had any wisdom to impart for the next time this sticky situation arises?
    - Dan1elJoyce
  2. "I'm not your monkey, I don't do whatever tricks you want anytime you want."

    Always gets a laugh, and gets them to shut up. Or just tell them you don't feel like it. You are your own performer, not theirs, and therefore you decide when and what you perform, not them. If they keep bugging you just say something like, "OK, I'll do it. Watch." And just do a completely different, yet utterly mind blowing trick. Odds are they'll forget about the first trick they wanted you to do. While they're still screaming and jumping about, just walk away.
  3. Almost every magician will run into this at one point or another... One or two people will remember something that you performed previously... usually an effect that stood out the most to them. Keep in mind you are still in control. If you are not "prepared" to do a particular effect that you are called out to do, you could simply explain to them that already knowing the outcome ruins the trick. Relate it to telling a joke; if your audience already knows the punch line, why tell the joke? Redirect their attention with another trick. I guarantee that the next time you run into them, and you are prepared, your audience will appreciate it that much more.
  4. i like the monkey lie NICE ONE
    but if you dont feel like that tell them you have some new better trick to show them . . . the trick o this is having a new better trick to show them
  5. Thank you... thank you very much. [/AwesomeElvisPresleyVoice]
  6. precisely why i don't do tricks that require gaffs or gimmicks or anything of the kind.

    jut pure sleightage.

    a. i feel wrong doing it because i find it to be cheating
    b. not as fulfilling as learning and pulling off sleights successfully.

    but in answer to your question, i'd just say "oh that one? i can't be bothered with that one, i'll show you some other time"
  7. Gotta love us purists, we never get this problem.
  8. Well just play around with patter which will lead you to another trick.

    I was in the same exact situation as you the other day and i said this:

    "that effect demands alot of psychic energy...I dont think i have any left after all these pints! I might have anough left to show you something else though"

    something along those lines, i always make reference to the energy and what not. This is why when i peform effect with gimmicks i always mention how much energy is involved with it, I dramatize it alot, this way if i tell them i cant do it at a particular time, not only is it an excuse not to do it but Iam building my effect up even more

    dont know if that will make sense to anyone but i hope it does... good luck!

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