What effect would you perform?

May 14, 2009
I have never performed to my friends. the reason being i don't know what effect to perform. i really don't want to do one that they will easily forget, but i also do not want to a routine that is ten minutes long. i also do not want to do a card trick because they will probably think that it's weird that i have a deck of cards at school. so... i am open to any reccomendations of powerful effects.(i also want an effect that will make me a reputation.)
Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
For starters there your friends dude they won't care if you have a deck at school!! I carried around a guitar for music classes alot. People give you wierd looks but hey its what i love doing so you shouldn't care.

As for the reputation thing trust me cards can really do it. Las Vegas Leaper for example was a big thing for everyone who saw it when i did it. Now its like a myth at my school, along with the pickpocketing thing:p

You shouldn't be worried dude there your friends show them a quick something a simple transposition always hits hard.

See what they think from there.

No stress they are your friends.

Aug 2, 2008
I personally get nervous when performing for friends, because if you mess up, they most likely will remember it. So when I finally did some stuff, I did Biddle Trick. They went pretty crazy. They had no idea how worked but they loved it. That would be my suggetion. Its not a terribly difficult trick so you wouldn't have to worry about messing up sleights. Hope this helps.
Aug 4, 2009
Why not a fully or partial self working trick? Like the Automatic Card Reveal, Invisible Deck, or Svengali with a final reveal in someone's locker? Simple stuff, but looks damn cool.
Sep 15, 2007
Pressure. I am known for that at my school. People who i don't even know come up to me and say " Hey aren't you that guy with cell phone and balloon thing!", So that is definitely the effect that will get around. Although, Every time I do it, I can't get to the other magic. Because they freak out and tell all their friends. so now it's a closer for me. Pressure is great, period.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
The effect I would perform would probably be terrible performed by you. For example, I can't perform The Biddle Trick for crap. And it's not because I can't perform the sleights - that's fine. It's because I find the effect incredibly boring to perform, therefore I can't present it well. Also, I'm a mentalist, so that doesn't work too well.

Each of us needs to find the effects which work for us.

Otherwise, you will never perform reputation-makers.
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