What is a Cool Name for a YouTube Channel? HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMagicianInvisible, Jul 30, 2012.

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    No need for help, thanks and apologies
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    You've already created a thread about this a few days ago and garnered some good responses. Why didn't you just bump that thread? Instead of you know.... creating this new one? I understand you really want help very very badly about this project that you care about but creating lots of threads asking the same questions .... doubly so if you're doing it over multiple accounts is just going to upset those why do try to help. It will feel like you're ignoring them.

    With that being said...

    Just call it the "I do stuff" channel. "Girls Play Too"... I think the name needs to be something cheeky and certainly playing off the fact that your a girl. It's rare to find a girl who is into all of that stuff so I think you should certainly play to that strength.
  3. I forgot that I had made a previous thread with the same subject, sorry and thanks

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