What is the thinnest deck of playing cards on the planet?

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  1. I'm thinking blue Cohorts, but is there anything thinner than that?
  2. It depends on the paper and the finish of the cards. The cohorts are printed on cartamundi’s new Slimline stock (known as E7) which is the finest stock out there. So any cards which uses this stock is therefore the finest too.
  3. I believe so. They’re called manipulation cards. But, they may not be suitable for you.
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  4. Manipulation cards are far thinner than your standard deck. You could also look at the Phoenix doubledecker cards.

    if you’re after useful cards then the E7 stock or penguin elite bikes are pretty decent.

  5. Virtuoso playing cards are really thin.
  6. Why are you asking? Super thin playing cards are only good for a few things (stage manipulation, some specialized flourishing). Honestly, get a few decks of bees, the extra think stock last for years (I still regularly perform with my year-and-a-half old deck.
  7. I have never handled a Cohort deck but the Virtuoso FW17 is really thin compared to all my other decks. Don't you guys think that Cartamundi True Linen B9 finish decks are really thick ?
  8. the B9 stock is huge. Probably the thickest deck I own.

    As for using thinner decks, I use both regularly but thin decks are a treat for bottom dealing. Using both will make you proficient with anything you’re handed though.

    both have benefits.
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  9. I own both Virtuoso playing cards and B9 finish playing cards. Virtuoso are the thinnest, but they’re more difficult and expensive to get.
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  10. With the last drop of FW17 in December I think it might not be that hard to get your hands on some cheap virts even though the previous virts editions can get quite expensive but compared to fontaine's it's nothing.
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  11. I was just curious. I dont do magic, just wanted to see which deck was the thinnest. Just like a world record, you dont ask they guy who had the worlds longest fingernails why he had the worlds longest fingernails. I use medium decks, not too thin but not too thick. virts are not bad for me. I do cardistry but not magic.
  12. I don't know if it is the "thinnest on the planet". But in terms of decks available in reasonable quantities on the mass market, the thinnest is definitely Cartamundi's "Slimline" E7 card stock. As mentioned already, it's used for their Cohorts deck, and Ellusionist has also used it for several other decks like Tinker Playing Cards and Marbles Playing Cards.
    The B9 True Linen Finish decks by Cartamundi are very soft, but they are thicker than a regular USPCC produced decks, whereas the E7 Slimline decks are noticeably thinner. I've covered this in an article here:

    The Cartamundi Decks: A comparison between their popular finishes

    Just be aware that Ellusionist's marketing photos for the E7 deck is somewhat misleading, and they make these decks look far thinner than what they actually are. See this article for a complete exposure of the facts.

    False Advertising: An exercise in exposing a misleading product picture


    The "thin-crush" decks by USPCC have a similar handling and performance to Cartamundi's Slimline E7 stock, but the Cartamundi decks are definitely still thinner overall.

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