What kind of cameras do you use?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I would like to start doing street magic but my camera just brocke.
    So I have to get a new one!
    Which kind of camcorders do you guys use?
    First I was looking for the Canon XH-A1 but I thougt it's a little to high.
    Then I looked for lower priced High Defenition Camcorders from Sony.
    I would buy the Sony HDR-SR8 or HDR-SR7
    What kind of camcorders do theory11.com use?
    I realy like the picture.
    I don't wan't to go over 2.000$ for a camcorder.
    Do you see much difference betwen a 2.000$ or 5.000$ camcorder?
    I realy don't know.
    What is important for me is the focus.
    I wan't it to be a good one.
    Pleas help.
    I will probably use Adobe CS3 for editing.
    Hope you guys can help me:)
    (Sorry for my bad english I come fom Switzerland.)
  2. You have to be careful when purchasing HD camcorders due to the AVHCD (I think thats the acronym).. most editors don't allow for this file type that comes off of the HD camcorder.. then you end up having to convert the file to a mpeg or something which pretty much defeats the purpose of HD.

    Then when purchasing a camera you have to look at a lot of other things as well. Does it have manual white balance, manual focus? Steadycam is cool, but it can really cause a lot of problems with your video... what is the low light performance of the camera? Will you need lights and lighting? Does it have an input for an external mic so you won't pick up camcorder noise?

    It depends on how professional you want your stuff to look and how professional you want it to sound. If you're just doing it for you, then by all means, get a cheap camera and film something! But if you want to sell it or use it commercially.. you need to work with the proper equipment to get the best results at your price range. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I've done a lot of video production.
  3. Canon HG 10 all the way!
  4. I don't know exactely the model, but, what I can say is : Choose one with an Hard Disk Drive. It is very easy to use!
    Sony makes good camcorders...
  5. I use the High Def Sony DCR-DVD308. It ran me about $1000.00 but well worth the money. It burns directly on to Mini-DVD's that you can take out immediately and play on your DVD player. The downside is each DVD only holds 30 minutes of footage and each DVD runs about $20.00 each. The upside is it's touch screen and has pretty much all the features everyone's mentioned on this thread already and you get exceptional quality. Just a recommendation.
  6. lately ive been using my dads hd camcorder...it wordks great and the detail is a mazing...if you want ill post the model for ya!
  7. We film primarily using Sony FX1s. They're excellent cameras and I'd highly recommend them. They're not cheap, but for the quality, they're not outlandishly expensive either.

  8. I've been using an old analog camera and using a device called Dazzle to get the footage into my computer. The battery pack on this cam died, though, so I can no longer film street stuff. I'm thinking about getting a digital camcorder, but I have some other things I'm probably going to have to take care of first.
  9. I use a Canon ZR800... It's not amazing quality, but it works for what I use it for. Maybe I will save up and buy a new one in a few months.

    2500 bucks!!! Crazy.
  10. I currently use an old 8mm ghetto filming machine because my DV broke, I'm going to buy a Sony HVR-V1U later in the year.

  11. I use two Canon GL2's. I try to make every video I make in multi cam. The GL2's are good for taking out on the streets very high quality video. I also use Canon XL2's for making short films. For Audio I just buy a wireless clip on mic and hook it up to ether camera.
  12. The Canon XH A1 films in crystal-clear wide-screen high definition (1080i) with 20x optical zoom, for only 12 easy down-payments of $312.50, plus shipping and handling. :D

  13. We currently shoot with a couple of Panasonic DVX100Bs. I am thinking about moving to a couple of HVX200s in the near future. For now all of my customers are still happy with standard DVD so there is not a big rush.
  14. is it me or..dose everyone own expensive figgy cameras

    dose anyone know what kind of quality a 400 dollar camera gets you?
  15. I use a jvc camera just because its very light weight.I love my camera.thizz in peace to mac dre the bay area legend.
  16. Hmm, I'm getting one in march, thinking about getting one around 400-500$, are they any good, will it give me decent quality?
  17. I use the Sony HDR-FX1, and Dana pretty much summed up everything!

  18. I need a job...


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