What makes "Regeneration" different?

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  1. With all of the torn and restored card plots out there it gets me wondering why would anyone want regeneration by Blake Vogt?

    There are a ton of TNRs out there and theory11 has a whole bunch for sale. There's a handling by Mathieu Bich, Blake already has one out and there are a couple by Wire artists such as Dalton Wayne.

    The difference is that the spectator tears the card! In every other handling including Dalton Wayne's "Biteme" that looks very similar, the spectator cannot tear the card!

    In Blake's "REF4M" and Dalton's "Biteme" an ungimmicked card is used. This is great for some and if that is what you prefer than buy these products.

    Blake's "Regeneration" is totally different, it is gimmicked in such a way that it involves the spectator in every step. They tear it and in their hands it restores. The magician doesn't need to touch the card at all after.
  2. Yes I too noticed that Dalton Wayne had a very similar looking trick called biteme on the wire that looks like Blake Vogt's regeneration. Of course the reason why Blake Vogt's new trick cost so much is because the gimmicks take a long time to make. I'm sure Theory11 wants to maintain quality control of the gimmicks and is keeping the price at that $50.
  3. I posted a similar response a the cafe, but yes, it's so simple. The fact they never let the card go and they tear it themselves will make it IMPOSSIBLE to deconstruct. If the gimmick is what I think, it is worth every penny to have someone make this (especially someone with Blake's expertise).

    I don't do a lot of TnR's (currently doing Torn) but this will be the one if and when I add one.
  4. Blake's Regeneration can also have the spectators sign the card on BOTH sides. Also, the plot is more of a "regeneration" effect than a restoration. The corner of the card is TRULY completely destroyed unlike any other TNR effect which uses torn pieces to mend back together. There's definitely a reason why this effect found it's way into the hands of magicians like Cyril Takayama, Justin Willman, and Dan White. This thing is ridiculous, I've seen Blake get insane reactions with this one - consistently. Every single time.
  5. Are the gimmicks reusable?
  6. They are not reusable. This is something you would do for a very specific situation. At a time when you want to leave an impact. I would assume that refills would be available.
  7. New info from facebook: "We will be offering refills for a HUGELY discounted rate to any existing purchasers."

    Ooo, the Archive is filling up....
  8. Also as far as refills go you could check out Dalton Wayne's "Biteme". It is a similar effect with a different method. He uses an ungimmicked card but the preparation only needs to happen once and then it can be reused. It might be good to use Dalton Wayne's mixed in with Blake's.
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    I've already received 15+ emails/messages regarding the differences between Blake's Regeneration and my own creation, Fuze, which was released through Wizard FX Productions last year.

    While they have similar appearances, the methods are different; both have their advantages and disadvantages. With mine, the card can be shown on both sides after each stage, and with Blake's, the card can be signed on both sides. Other distinctions obviously exist as well.

    I had seen Blake's trick many years ago, and he has seen mine. We have even had phone conversations regarding the topic. I think Blake's trick is great, and anyone who purchases it will be more than happy with what they receive!
  10. They are both awesome effects!
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    I am not so much into the methods of each of them, more so about the spectators' experiences, and for that I still don't see a single reason to get and perform 'Regeneration' at $50 for 15 performances rather than 'Bitme' at $1 for "unlimited" performances, and the latter one being cleaner than the first too. Also, if you'd like to, you could sign both sides of the cards at both of these effects as well. The only (and really the only) thing 'Regeneration' adds is the spectator ripping up the card themselves. Is that the part of the effect they are going to remember? If you really believe so, then get it. If not, then why would one actually want to spend $49+ more on the effect?

    I wouldn't compare either of them with 'Fuze' though, because although, yes, this effect a corner restoration as well, 'Fuze' is totally based on showing the card has been truly torn, being able to show both sides of both the torn card and restored card. This is by the way something I would expect from an effect with the statement "The corner is truly TORN" too, and I figured a simple adjustment could do the same for 'Regeneration'.. but unfortunately it doesn't. If it would, I'd think the price would be a lot more fair and honestly the effect might have been living up to the statement that it's the best TNR of the last decade, but for now I don't see how it could possibly be.

    Just my two cents and honest opinion.
  12. Good point, I do think the tear is worth it. We've all run into those spectators that insist on shuffling the cards. Or in the middle of a TNR they say "Can I tear it?" and in this instance you can say yes.

    I think that if we point out the sound and feel of it ripping then this trick is worth a hundred dollars.
  13. Fair enough. I really see it as so simple and direct. Sure every plot line is the same for every TnR, however it's in the details. A straightforward performance, no fishy handling, the details of the signing, holding, and ripping of the card make it so clean, and as previously mentioned - bulletproof. So crazy impossible. At $4 each performance, this is more for those who want to leave a greater impact.

    There are some GREAT TnR's, but none quite as direct, clean, or impossible.
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    But isn't a spectator who would ask if they can tear up the card themselves more likely to actually heckle you unintentionally at this trick too? Especially with you doing a lot of pre-work bending the card.

    It's for those kind of spectators I usually carry around a "D" in the deck, so I start ripping up the card, they ask if they may tear it too, they tear it themselves, I hand them all pieces and it doesn't matter whether they would now heckle or not as all pieces merged together magically.. in their own hands and with themselves tearing it apart in any possible way they desire. Hmmm...

    Both this and 'Bitme' are just as straight to the point and bullet proof as one another, and the latter is probably even a bit less fishy so then I still don't see why the $4 version would be better than the let's say $0.02 version. Please elaborate. Especially for someone like me who pretty much lives from performing magic in the streets, I think it is very hard to understand how paying $4 for a similar effect is the best way to go, and I suppose this question would be on everyone-who-performs-magic-just-for-fun's minds as well as they don't make money with it which makes this trick even more expensive for them.

    Of course, to each their own, but I just hope people remember what magic is all about before deciding to purchase anything, especially this costly. I'm glad it works for the two of you. For me, it honestly wouldn't.
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    To each their own indeed. Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion and good thing no one is forcing you to perform this! That would be awful. You're absolutely right however, it may work for some better than others. Regeneration is not something you should do ALL the time. It's something you do when you REALLY need to go all out for that special someone, maybe a client or someone important. The moment where all the little details come together to make the difference of whether you may land your next big opportunity.

    Objectively speaking as someone who knows how both effects work, REGENERATION is cleaner, has other possibilities of presentation included on the DVD, and is more engaging for the spectators in the ability to have THEM hold the card while doing the entire effect (definitely a fun way to present it but not necessary). They can also examine the card (which can be in your deck the entire time before you want to use it) without suspecting anything. In addition, it's bulletproof and almost self working.

    Also something to take into account, each card takes a process of 24 hours to make from start to finish. Each is handmade with tedious attention to detail. I could be wrong but by my personal experiences, you can't buy 15 of ANYTHING specially handmade for the price that REGENERATION is offered at.

    Those are not qualities you may value and that's totally fine and respectable but until you've handled both effects, played around with and performed them for people, I don't think it's fair to be forming any assumptions as you're clearly more than stating a simple opinion at this point. Thanks!
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to reiterate what Andrei has already said. I never intended for Regeneration to be something that you did to every person you meet. I always have it in my deck for those moments when you are performing and you KNOW that you have to nail a performance or you want to impress the socks off someone or impress the CEO.

    I think this effect is very different from the others out there because of being able to sign it front and back, your ability to freely handle the card before and after the effect, and the gimmick does all the work for you. But the main thing that sets this a part for me is that the card is held onto by the spectator the ENTIRE time.

    This might not sound like much at face value but once you do this to any average laymen and even your most intelligent friends, you will see why the effect leaves them with absolutely zero explanation. Until you do this and give someone that feeling of zero explanation, I don't think you will realize how much fun this thing is to perform. Thanks a lot for all your guys' support and comments and I really hope you guys try this out and fry some brains with it. Thanks! :)

  17. Thanks a lot for clearing this up guys! I guess the trailer kind of threw me and some others off as it seemed to be just another trick to perform wherever you go with it being performed in the streets.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the quality of each gimmick is absolutely fantastic and that they live up to their price. I do, however, find it kind of weird to say each gimmick actually takes a full 24 hours to produce and to use this in any argument, because of course there aren't only two gimmicks produced every day with just two guys producing them. Marketing-wise it may be a very attractive statement but quality-wise it doesn't say anything as each gimmick would still have taken 24 hours (or perhaps 23 hours and 59 seconds) to produce if you guys would have decided to rush it all.. which of course, and I'm very glad of this, you won't.. but yeah. :)

    Anyhow, thanks again. Appreciate it. :D
  18. My wife can attest that T11 has a stock pile of these, she has not seen me for 2 months unless it was behind my gaffing table :)

    Jeremy Hanrahan
  19. Blake showed this to me a while ago...and I thought to myself...

    "Awe, that's AWESOME mannnn!"

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