What was the worst you have ever messed up?

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  1. Once, I was performing five speed, and the "gimmick" moved onto their selected card. "if that's that's the five, if that's the four, the tht is?" "the three" "actully it's... The three"
  2. Worst thing thats happened to me: Someone flung the Flow bottle when they turned it upside down, causing it to hit the florr and smash the gimmick. Wonderful, and it was my closer too.

    Worst thing that Ive done: I accidently dropped my Angle Zero. And you really cant say anything to explain it either.
  3. THE worst EVER!

    I forgot to take my meds and had a panic attack in the middle of a card trick and my hands wouldn't stop shaking. I ended early that night.
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    i was doing shapeshifter with out explaining how its done lets just say there card changed int a double backer yep that was a goog idea. it was before i had the experience i have now so i just stood there and said nothing

    i was also do scotch and soda and at i played it off cool but when i gave out the coin for inspection i took it back cause they were close to figuring it out then some one slapped it out of my hands and it opened on the floor.
  5. performing a trick from Ultragaff . I created my own trick which used the lui simonoff flipment move. while i was doing the move .....wind.....cards all over the ground....spectators:"what kind of cards are these?" "let me see the rest of the deck" ME:"...........CRAP.........."
  6. Ah...
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