What would you like to see sold in the T11 GEAR section?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AshleyHall, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. I would like to see a t-shirt with the biggest picture of katie you could fit on it, and on the back, have in huge letters, OH MY GOD.

  2. Theory11 should sell life size standee card board cut outs of random Theory11 crew members. Then we can all post pictures of ourselves with the crew.

    Then again...

    That would be pretty weird having the ability to store Wayne, Chris, The Bucks, and so on in your closets.

    Shane K.
  3. I don't know if this has been said but I think it would be nice to have bag to put your magic and yet you can carry it and have the theory 11 logo on the corner and have the Guardian Angel card back on the front.
  4. A jacket-type thing with a lot of stuff you can do.

    So like a comfortable jacket with a small pocket to fit a itr in and a little hole for the thread to come out. Pockets inside to hold props, etc.
  5. Sweatshirt or jacket which has tons of hidden and non hidden pockets and topits maybe?
    Breifcases.. to store cards and stuff...
    t11 caps..

    ooh! oh oh!
    T11 ankle socks and corsets!
  6. A badass T11 ring (PK equipped) and a wristband wouldnt be half bad.
  7. We need George the Monkey replicas so we can show our alliance to Theory11 and George. After all, he's one of the main reasons we came to Theory11, right?

    Shane K.
  8. The person who said the close-up mat is awesome!!

    I love the idea of a close-up mat. Maybe a large t11 logo in the middle, with the signatures of all the artists around the edges!
  9. You know what I'd love to see?

    Theory 11 T-shirts. Like, maybe one with CERCA TROVA on it. And then another with ELEVEN on it, as in theory ELEVEN. And just for kicks, a MYSTERY labeled t-shirt.

    That'd be awesome, but I doubt it would happen.
  10. Dan and Dave should sell a quick porno in the Gear section.

    And at the start it'll have the theory11 logo and piano music.
  11. A Jonathan Bayme mousepad.
    Don't tell be that wouldn't be kick-ass!
  12. a Danny Garcia Bobblehead doll
  13. We should have...

    - Danny Garcia beads.
    - Wayne Houchin goatee trimming tips and tricks.
    - Chris Kenner and Katie Egleston hugging magnetic plushies.
    - George the Monkey plushie replicas.
    - Daniel Madison skills-in-a-can.

    Shane K.
  14. seriously, maybe some band type rings (PK?) would be nice, cos they kinda add a nice touch when you're doing magic in your hands and people are all looking at them. Of course, along with all your beanie, t shirt, bag , etc .ideas
  15. Okay, in all seriousness...

    I really want a Theory11 soundtrack. I can't help but pick up a deck of cards whenever I hear the backtrack to Daniel Madison's Guardian preview.

    Shane K.
  16. I thought this was a magic learning site.. not a sell all novelties site... maybe it's just me
  17. Agreed. I tried to put in a close up case or a storage bag that you could carry around and have T11 symbol in the corner and a Guradian on the middle.
  18. I just remembered that there is an unofficial Theory 11 gear thread.
    Make sure to check it out: Link
  19. I think different Theory 11 t-shirt designs would be cool...

    maybe a solid black t-shirt with a reverse print of their joker design in big either on the front or on the back....or maybe even a reverse print of their Ace of Spades.
  20. Theory 11 Pocket Protectors!

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