What's the Dan and Dave Bonus?

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  1. Hallo... I just want to hear what is the bonus in the dan and dave triology?

    // Simon
  2. the bonus is isn't on the trilogy its in the vault.

    When you buy the trilogy or system you get access the the vault on Dananddave.com

    in the Vault is 18 new flourishes/variation/tricks and one Flourish video by featuring the Wynns (tightest movie ever) :D

    hope i helped
  3. The bonus video is a 3 min video of dan and Dave flourishing with red Wynns at rail tracks and stuff. You can get it by accessing the vault or buying the Trilogy at T11.
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    The Trilogy Bonus Video is a flourishing reel featuring Dan and Dave Buck that was shot in downtown Las Vegas. It's just over 2 minutes long, and, without a doubt, is one of the best-produced Cardistry videos I've ever seen.

  5. I think he got the message, yo.

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