Whats Your Favourite Deck? Which Should I get?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMagicianInvisible, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Hey there,

    Today I was watching a video on youtube about somebody's top decks to have. I'd quite like to buy a new deck of cards, but I don't know which to get. So I thought what better place to ask than the theory11 forums where there's many, magicians, cardists, reviewers and deck collectors.

    Please leave a comment below telling me what's your favourite deck or even a deck that you recommend. However when I say a deck, I mean cheap, not like S&Ms, Ltds ect. So if you would help me out, it'll be great.
  2. I love the Monarchs which you can get here at Theory11.
  3. I agree, because I already have them, but thanks any way ;)
  4. Deck One feels amazing. I have yet to try stingers (I hear they're also amazing) but Deck One is my go to deck for most occasions.
  5. Stingers are probably the best deck I have ever handled.
  6. Charity Water!
  7. white lions series b!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo boss!
  8. Dude S&Ms are so nice! I would also say Spilt Spades Lions are really nice! You could also get titanium series bicycles, bees, or tallys because they last so much longer than the regular ones and look nicer. Also Charity water also looks very good. Just some food for thought.
  9. Best practice deck" Lee Ashers 605's mainly due to the fact that they last nearly forever.

    Best performance deck: Richard Turner Gold Seal deck, or the Mandolin deck. Though if you can't get a hold of those, then just use regular Bikes or Tally-Ho's
  10. If I were in your shoes I would buy a case of Richard Turner Gold Seal Decks because they handle like a dream and they are the most "familiar" to all of your audiences.

    For just messing around in non-paid gigs, I love Split Spades or Monarchs.
  11. Dan and Daves Ace Fulton's are one of the best decks for cardistry that I've had in recent years. White Lion's are probably the smoothest deck I've had. Vintage Plaids are pretty good for cardistry as well.

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