When you're not doing magic...

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  1. well when i have time i read a lot and see films and church things.
  2. I play with my daughter and make music!
  3. watch tv, play my xbox 360 ,do my summer reading project a day before school (today):rolleyes: , hang out with friends , run/jog , work out , eat , sleep , do laundry , go on forums sometimes and do what im doing now, cut the grass, wash the car, ill stop im just nameing random things now.
  4. Breathe, sleep, eat, poop, pet my cat, BJJ class, work out, eat some more, poop even more, this is everyday but Sunday. Sunday I breathe, sleep, eat, poop, sleep.
  5. Teach juggling and Flying Trapeze
  6. Surfing the net. just like now.
  7. ummm, whatever everyone else does??
  8. eat, sleep, run. Thats everything outside of magic
  9. I play pool/billiards about 6 hours a day 5 days a week. I write and manage a website (http://www.nihonjineigo.com) and I translate things for practice.
  10. Aikido, listen to music, play video games, chat with friends, watch a movie called "The Illusionist"
  11. Go to plays,make films,acting,play no limit hold 'em,indoor and outdoor soccer,kick it with my girlfirends(most of my friends are girl so its alot of clothes and gossip),check out designers like Louis vuitton and Giorgio armani,study on science/spirituality and vatican city stuff.
    Currently on His Holiness the Dalai Lama's "the universe in a single atom".
  12. I skateboard, film short movies, and play Xbox 360.
  13. i do my magic when im not playing basketball.

    i have more of a future in basketball.

    but i love magic too =]
  14. I am a full time school photographer, so that takes a good part of my day. I do a lot of music, a great passion of mine. Playing, composing, teaching, etc... I read a lot as well. and enjoy the occasional movie or show. Eating's fun. As is sleeping.
  15. Soccer, school, counter strike, girlfriend, sleep, eat, run around in circles, go on facebook, games, idk. stuff. how is this thread relavent?
  16. Read comics, produce music, work as the head computer tech at the local staples, games, play trading card games...im almost 20 but there still so much fun, watch movies...a lot, play guitar, and once again read lots of comics!

  17. Catch up on the latest politics (RIP Teddy)
    Spend time with my girlfriend (be jealous)
    street performing (2nd favorite)
    read (1984, into the wild, slaughter house five, etc. etc.)
    do AP homework (actually not that hard)
    walk everywhere I can, take public tranist, explore (very rewarding on a personal level)
  18. Go out with friends even though some of them always end up asking me to do some magic but still :L

    Study, Watch Movies, Talk to friends + some more things :L
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    Play guitar, do homework ( :( ), blast Sex Pistols music as loud as possible after school. :) Oh, and I almost for got, be a smart a***.

    Drama Teacher: "Ok everyone, we're going to do some mime exercises, everyone act like you're pushing really tall grass out of the way."

    Me: "But I'm allergic to imaginary grass."
  20. Surf! (Hooray for Hurricane Danny!)
    Snowboard, Guitar, Ladies (oh lala), Sleep, Swimming, Verk da Mahhchles (Governator Voice).

    All the best,

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