Where can I get SIGNED note to walnut, egg, Orange

Sep 23, 2015
PERFORMANCE IN THE LINK -https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T-XXAKCUi20
0k here's what happens

The magician borrows a note or it can even be a card - spec signs it

The magician then folds it into a very small square and places it into 1 of 3 envelopes. Chosen by spec.

Shuffles envelopes.

Spec picks 1 envelope. Magician burns / shreads the other 2.

Spec - opens his envelope - his note isnt there. Assuming it was in the other envelope that was burnt / shreaded. Oh dear.

Magician says he will pay spec back. He then takes a cup. And produces an egg from under cup.

Then he cracks the egg.

Inside egg is a walnut.

The spec then breaks the walnut. Inside walnut is his note signed by him. THE SPECTATER DOES MOST OF THE JOB NOT THE MAGICIAN.
So, where can I get something like this. I am ready to pay any price but it should be a dvd or instant download cause I live in Asia and I will have to pay lot of delivery and custom duty charges. Btw I already have to baloon . wallet and pocket
Apr 27, 2015
Paul Daniels' Bravura series has a ring in walnut in egg in lemon, I'm sure you could just do it with a bill of card corner :)
Apr 27, 2015
Theres probably one thing you need apart from the egg, lemon and nut! And I'm sure you'll have it where you are!
Apr 27, 2015
No problem man! I love talking about it! I think it is worth waiting a little longer, performing it in an intimate surround is not easy. This is better for something when performing for big groups on a stage, it's not that its hard, its just you need to performance experience. But the Bravura DVDs are great for when you go into it professionally. There's a lot taught, and its worth it. But maybe not yet!
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